Ever have a crush on some chick for no reason? (No pics)

There’s this gal I run into a couple times a year, for some reason I have the biggest boner for her.
She’s not my type at all…
Stocky - not fat at all, just meaty legs. Lol
Small boobs
Terrible tattoos in weird places
Just the worst kind of liberal
Her personality is odd, just not someone I want to engage with, a little bi-polar is guess.

On the upside, She has really nice hair and a great smile but that’s really it.

Yet for some reason I find her really attractive. It’s not proximity infatuation since I only see her once or twice a year, yesterday had been at least 18 months.

It doesn’t make sense at all.

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phermones ? or however ya spell it

could just be that she is super into you so her vag queefs out a cloud of Do Me flavored air and
you being a human male respond to it without knowing why

Nope…there’s always a reason and it usually consists of a plump ass and nice titties.