Ever have a deviated septum?

How did you know? What were the symptoms? How did you get it fixed?


Couldn’t breathe out of one side of nose for 30 years. Only fix is surgery to my knowldge


My ENT got excited when he discovered I had a slightly deviated septum, I've never noticed it and I sure as hell am not letting some doctor cut me up for it.

Need to have your nose chiselled 

Yep, got mine fixed in October, can finally breathe through both nostrils 

ENT told me I have a deviated septum.


I don't notice any symptoms so I haven't addressed it.

Oh god, here comes Fatty McGee

My son is having surgery next month 

he gets headaches and talks like he has a stuffy nose all the time , says he feels congested 

I had the surgery about 12 years ago.  I have a lot fewer sinus infections and if I do get one it is much more mild.  Glad I had the surgery 

UltimateKeyboardWarrior -

I had the surgery about 12 years ago.  I have a lot fewer sinus infections and if I do get one it is much more mild.  Glad I had the surgery 

Had the surgery in '00...it was life changing. I never knew what actual breathing from an unimpeded nose was intended to feel like. My first breathe after they removed the gauze & splints (which absolutely SUCKED!) almost made me pass out I got so much oxygen.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've had a fully stopped up nose ever since. Get the surgery.


Was goin’ pretty hard once and dude turned around and accidentally headbutted me in the nose.


Kinda pissed me off because I hadn’t even cum yet.


Had surgery, which really sucked, but I can breathe much better now.

Mine is currently severely deviated. 

I had broken my nose more than a dozen times before I was in 8th grade. The first few times were verified doctors. After you do it several times, you know the difference between just getting whacked in the nose, and actually having it broken. I rarely ever bled, but there was almost always bruising and swelling, when it was broken. 

I had rhinoplasty when I was in 8th grade.

About a week after the surgery, right after I had the gauze removed, my girlfried rolled over and elbowed me right in the nose. The brace was still on, but we both heard it crunch. 

Since then, I've broken it another 12-15 times My left nostril is 90-95% blocked. 

I haven't broken it in about 4-5 years, so I may get it fixed, again within the next few years. 

All your nose irrigation’s must have been gnarly after surgery!!!!

Some have breathing problems, it can lead to higher incidence of upper respiratory infection, sinus infection etc.  mine played a role in sleep apnea.  They fixed mine and my turbinates and I don't think I have had a sinus infection in the 8 years since, after chronicly having them every winter.  The surgery kinda sucks, but has made a big difference for me