Ever have one of those games?

Just finished a weekly (or sometimes twice a week) lunch SnG and I had one of those games.  I was playing good, solid NL like I usually do, and at one point, I was the chip leader.  Next thing I know, I got bluffed out of trip A with a possible straight or flush with the river card that took most of my stack.  I swear, no lie, the next played hands: I had an 8 high straight, but he had it to the 9.  I had trip 6s and he had trip 7s.  Then, with my being small stack, I went all in after the flop with KQs and a Q53 rainbow on the board.  He called with AQo.  F this game!

I had one last night, one of the biggest stacks going in to the final table
on a 5 table $20 SNG, top 6 pay out, a couple bad hands put me down
about halfway, then I reraise a guy all-in with AK, he calls for almost all
his chips with AT and flops a ten. I am out in 8th. Oh well.

A buddy of mine had the same thing happen. That's not to say it doesn't happen to me, often, just that his is fresh in my mind.

He made a nice pre-flop raise with a K 10 suited (think it was diamonds), one person calls, and the flop is Kc 10s Js . The other dude raises. My buddy calls, assuming he's on a straight or flush draw. Ace of spades falls on the turn, and again dude raises. So now my buddy's agonizing over the call. He's got two pair but is absolutely positive he's up against a flush or a straight. He agonizes for a few, and then finally lays it down, guessing guy has a flush so there's no point in fishing for the queen to make his on straight. Dude, who I totally thought was going to muck, throws out a 9 A off suited, hearts and clubs I think. My buddy was totally crippled from that bluff, and ended up going out about 15 minutes later. Sometimes the testicular fortitude is there, and sometimes not.

A few nights ago on a cash table I had my AA lose to AA when the other guy hit a flush. Could have been worse I guess, because the other guy only had about the minimum buy in on the table.

Yil your friend played that hand bad

"Yil your friend played that hand bad"

No doubt about it. Kind of the point of the thread, no?

You can't win em' all. Dwelling on bad plays or bad beats will only cause you to play bad in the future...

I usually take a couple days off after a bad session. Not because I am sure
I need it, but more because I'd rather err on the side of cooling down.

Also I seem to have more stuff to do than poker after a bad session. I get
busy (not in the sex way).