Ever heard of Poekoelan?


This place looks like a McDojo to me, anyone else know anything about it? It's off SE Hawthorne and 42nd in Portland, OR.

The signs outside were a dead giveaway.

The first one was a woman who is probably 115 pounds soaking wet. She's saying. "I can fight off ten men blindfolded."

Another is a picture of a boy of about 12 saying. "I'm getting my black belt soon."

Their training looks kinda funny to. They squat real low in some weird fucking stance.


I've been there. There were 2 girls "sparring" when I went. They were pretending to be tigers and were growling at each other. it was kind of sexy but not functional. McDojo.

I seen it last year when I first moved to Portland. I was looking for a place to train and I walked in there and watched there class. Too be courteous I didn't laugh, I just left.

These people where so funny to watch though, if you want a good laugh go check it out. I didn't challenge anyone to roll or anything though.

I did find a place to train later though, SBGI Portland. Best place I've ever trained. I have to leave though cause I'm working at Crater Lake all summer.

Thats what they call POKEMON in the PILIPINES...

Poekoelan man...POEKOELAN man...

cprevost: Do you train in Portland?