Ever heard of this promoter?

Has anyone ever heard of a guy by the name of Mike Joyce from Chicago?I take it he is a boxing promoter from the phone message I received at the gym earlier today.I don't know many boxing promoters since most of the guys in my gym do kickboxing or mma so I found it kind of odd for him to call but he was looking for heavyweight boxers.We have a couple of boxers but we don't advertise that they are looking for boxing matches.I was curious if anyone had heard of him or had any further info for me.Thanks in advance

Ive never heard of him Miller, the 2 biggest promoters in Chicago are Bobby Hitz and an Italian guy. He may have been a matchmaker for one of those guys or someone else.

Contact Hitz he would know. Hitz is an easy person to get along with I have found. I did an interview for him once and he sent me six fight posters from an event he did.