Ever known of someone who's in the mafia

Or is it actually anything you ever hear about in your town?

been on a YouTube documentary bender in the last few days.  I know in the day there was definitely mob activity in northern New England but I've never heard of anything specific north of Boston.  Can't imagine there is anything connected now unless its really fringe. Fascinating to watch how it all got taken down and how many people kept flipping.  

I'm sure my great grandfather on pizza side had involvement with mob figures in Rhode Island back in the day.   Crazy guidos . 

Seems like an impossible gang to survive in modern times where everything is so closely tracked.   

I've never known anyone in the mafia but I do have a story that is kind of along the same lines.

When I was around 8 years old we lived in Atlanta, my mom managed a family large upscale apartment complex. Her assistant manager was married to a dude from Lebanon, I used to go over to his house because he had all kinds of cool shit. He even gave me a Chinese star I stuck in the living room wall but that's another story. Being 8 I didn't think anything of it but this guy would show me AK 47's, all kinds of pistols  and one day he said he had something really cool to show me. Well we go to the closet and he opens a green box, inside is a fucking bazooka and grenades. Well, at that moment he was my hero  but like I said I didn't think anything of him being Lebanese or this stuff being iligal. Well about 5 months later he takes of to Lebanon with their kids and just drops off the radar, it wasn't until years later my mom told me the whole story and I told her about all the crazy shit he had. As far as we know she never saw her kids up to the point my mom and her drifted about.

I know that has nothing to do with the mob but a terrorist is still a cool starry bra!? 

yep many

I know Frank Alessio on a work level.  Before he got popped you would never know he was in as far as he was..

And i have known a couple low level bikers, nothing special.


Italian Mafia? Yeah, a whole bunch of them around the country. Russian and Mexican Mafia as well.

Not the Italian mafia, but grew up with/around multiple people who were born into or became involved with the local organized crime group.

Mafia no, but I did work on a guys house and I'd bet every dollar I had that this guys 95 year old father was a member of the Yakuza. He had a bunch of really old looking tattoos, and his face and forearm were covered in scars, it was pretty wild

Yeah I'm talking straight up Italian mafia 

If I did, I wasn't stupid enough to ask.  

Watched some 90s bros in Crenshaw mafia

No but I’ve known several wanna be soprano type acting guys. They were especially bad when the Sopranos were on their run 

My dad used to tell me a close buddy of his who’s father from italy was with the italian mafia and would work as a contractor to stay low key or sum shit like that, idk if he was for real though or just fucking with me, I was pretty little and still don’t know how mafia shit runs. 

I talk to Mexican cartel people almost Oman daily basis ....Italian mafia ? Never 


I’ve met a few Yakuza dudes

Been to this guys house a few times.

My grandfather on my mom's side did business with the mob when building these apartments in Townsend Massachusetts in the 70s. 

He always said they are busniess men.....just make sure you pay up when then come calling.

Friend of mine works for the Lucchesi Family as a collector.

My second cousin's funeral had people lined up two NYC blocks around the place including celebrities. I missed it because of work. My mother was sat next to Stephen Baldwin during the services. He was a 'real estate guy'. Everyone knew better but nobody ever said it.