Ever lose your temper on someone in front of your kids?

Was driving in touristy part of downtown yesterday. We have lot of beggars and homeless and usually they are just at intersections with signs

However, yesterday around noon I saw a dude in his 30’s legit walk in front of vehicle coming other direction to stop it and ask for change. He then proceeds to cross back street and I’m like dude don’t do it

He did it, stood directly in front of my bumper yammering and I instantly roll down my window to move and that I have my kid in my car. He wouldn’t move until I elevated my voice to tourists all around staring levels. He went near my passenger window area where I screamed that if he ever blocked my car again that I’d put his fucking head through the parking garage wall. He just yells “I just wanted change!l “ then wobbled away. My kid who is slightly satan himself just looked at me in shock. Then I felt bad for him and kinda the guy but kinda not

FRAT but tell me you’ve lost it worse so I feel better

Yes it’s one of the primary roles fathers fill when appropriate. I put a bum on his ass because he got in my dads face a few yrs ago. My kids saw it and thought it was awesome

No kids here, maybe your son was surprised/uncomfortable at the time but it was probably more the guy stopping/approaching the car than what you said. Maybe you yelled at the guy, but it probably made him feel safer than if you just let him stop/approach the car and not do anything. This actually sounds like a story he will tell people when he is older and laugh about, I’m sure he is fine.

There is a shopping area here with a Lowe’s, Wal Mart, fast food places and there are always panhandlers standing by the stop signs in the parking lot. I hate going down there and will run the stop signs if nobody is around so I don’t get stuck next to them, or approached by them.

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Like 2 minutes after I made thread I was at stop light next to Whole Foods and up came a dude to my window . Can’t believe he hadn’t read the thread yet


Yes I have, and I felt like shit afterward. What’s worse is it was towards my Dad on a camping trip.

He got a little too much liquid courage in him, and started bringing up stuff that’s just better left in the past. My 13 yr old daughter saw me getting pissed and asked us to stop arguing.

Then that dumb ass grabbed her by the arm and yanked her towards him. Told her “the adults are talking”.

I lost my shit. Grabbed his wrist, told him to let go, and if he ever touched one my kids again he’s a dead man. He flung her to the side, and he got put on his ass.

Thanksgiving was awkward to say the least.


God dang.

human, sure things could always be improved upon but your actions all sound pretty understandable. just be upfront with your cub that you and your father dont always get along the best, and you wish to improve upon that in your relationship with your cub. own your actions and be direct with your cub.


Thanks Bear. I did sit her down and talk about me and Dad’s history a little. Nothing too heavy. Told her I hated she had to see that and I felt like a jerk.

She was actually quite understanding of the situation.

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From the way this reads You were your kid’s hero in this situation and stuck up for her to your own dad. Shitty situation for any species to be but its reality sometimes.

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Damn dude. It’s best to direct your aggression at ppl outside of the family

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Being nice to bums only breeds more bums.

They respond to fear not manners.
You did great

yep. Salt Lake city. airport. I checked a dude against the gang plank wall exiting an airplane after a long flight. he bitch screamed and was yelling at the pilots to do something .

we briskly walked away and hit one of those long moving escalators and were about 7-8 gates away when we I saw the cops trotting towards the gate where it happened. The dude was big about my size and had two handed pushed me sideways to get in front of me.

I probably would have gone to jail.

I agree completely. Like I said, I felt like shit after. But he’s not much of a family member if I’m being honest

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Only when dinner was late

Yes - lose my temper on my kids in front of my kids all the time. They can be real brats sometimes.


My son and his friends were squirting each other with squirt guns last summer and one of the kids squirted some random dude in the face.

Dude chased after the kids, threatening to beat them up. He ended up calling the cops. Went to go pick up the boy and his friends and the dude was there pressing charges against my son, three cops by his side. He waved me over and I, thinking he just wanted to talk man to man, approached him and he says “are you threatening me?”

Fucker baited me and when I realized what he did I went at him.

Cops had to hold me back.

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I have a piece of shit neighbor I can see doing every detail of this.

If you are around anyone in an habitual matter, you’ll act as you usually do. And that includes with your kids around. Of course the no dirt bag parents among us do want to set good examples and successfully censor ourselves most of the time, but nobody is perfect nor should strive to be.

I guess that’s why stupid assed in reality shows eventually out themselves as they are, being surrounded all the time with cameras. You can’t keep a fake image 24/7.

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I talked to a kid today who did a ride around with cops a few weekends ago as he’s hoping to join next year. He knew exactly who I described and that they had interaction with him in same area. A lot of mental issues so now I really feel bad. That said, walking in front on moving vehicles is not go to work out.

I was in my car driving my two kids home from camp….maybe 7 and 9….a guy parked his car on a busy street in the city where no parking was allowed and blocked the lane. Based on the flow of traffic I ended up behind this illegally parked car with its hazards on, unable to change lanes based on the speed of traffic in other lanes. My kids were being assholes and making me lose my cool already, this bullshit was too much.

I leaned on my horn and didn’t let up. After two light changes worth of horn blaring later this guy came out of a store where he’d been shopping.

He was acting cool and tough and told me off…it was summer and I had the top off my jeep…I was out and in his face cussing him out and asking him to please make good on his tough guy act.

I was, literally raging. I was cursing and yelling, he looked at me, my kids, said some more stuff about he’d fuck me up if I didn’t fuck off. and when I kept saying ‘talk is worthless, prove it. I’m right here” he kept saying ‘chill man”, ‘relax man”…,and I open handed, hard slapped him across the face and said ‘you can prove your a man and hit me back, or you can get in your car like a bitch and move it without any more words.

He got in his car without another word and drove off…,flipping me the finger as he did so….I hopped in my car and was right on his ass…when we got to the next dead stop. I got out and asked him to give me the finger or cuss me out again…please. He apologized and said ‘fuck man, you need to learn to let things go’…I replied ‘I usually do but kids will make you thirst for violence in a way nothing else can’.

Then we drove off like normal humans. My kids were big eyed and quiet the rest of the ride home.