Ever met Buckethead?

Does he ever break character?

Yes & Yes

Brian and Buckethead are not the same people. I think Perfet et Obdura might have met Brian.

Buckethead is a state of mind, actually. Not a person at all. No character to break. He exists only in The Good.


(was that a "?: for me, jman? just a little bit of a joke.... "The Good" as in the archetypal world of Plato)

Buckethead used to write for Guitar Player magazine under his real name (which is Brian Carroll). I don't think he's in full regalia when he's not playing in public

Yeah I know about Brian Carrol, but had no clue about the Plato reference.

I'd like to meet Buckethead just see how much of it is a persona and how much of it is a performance.

Either way he has fucking sick skills.

"Either way he has fucking sick skills."

Yes he does!

I've seen Buckethead a bunch of times- in Praxis, with the Deli Creeps, with Primus, completely solo and jams with other players. Dude's beyond talented, but clearly has issues.

I knew someone that had a crush on old Buckethead/ Brian for a while. From what I understand, he is very young-looking for his age and in a lot of ways, has a mind of a child. I guess he has an annual pass to Disneyland and goes there a lot. Coincidence or not that he idolizes Michael Jackson? There are other stories I'd have to ask my friend to remind me of.

One time around 2000, my friend and I were sitting at the Knitting Factory waiting for Moonraker to play (Mike Patton, Buckethand and some turntablist guy). When they came onstage, my friend said they had been sitting right behind us at the restaurant before the show. He was starting right at Buckethead and didn't even know it. Pisses me off to this day. How in the hell didn't he recognize Mike Patton?

Is the stuff about having the mind of a child part of the myth, or real?

With the technical ability that he has and the persona that he puts on I would doubt that he truly has the mind of a child unless he is an idiot sevant or something of the equalivent. His marketing ability is pretty darn good considering many many people outside of the guitar community knows who he is.

I think he's genuinely enthusiastic about Disneland and Disney music, Star Wars, and cheesy horror movies. This translates to some people as "mind of a child".

I don't know the guy, though. Could be wrong. I just can't think he'd function in the music world, go to auditions and such, with "the mind of a child". When he auditioned for the Chili Peppers, his mom wasn't with him... y'know?

Check this out:


video clip doesn't work on that site

Nostradumbass, I went there and ordered both DVDs. Thanks.

The Young Buckethead videos that I got from http://youngbuckethead.com/ are fun as hell.



You helped me find a nice little CHristmas present for myself. Cheap, too. Thanks again.


By the way, the guy who sent me the DVDs then sent me a $5 refund for shipping overcharge (which I hadn't even caught) and a note saying that my zip code made him nostalgic because teenaged BucketHead would ocassionally crash at this guys apartment a couple miles from here. Small world it is.


Awesome! I'm glad those DVDs are cool. I'm still working my way through the "Secret Recipe" DVD and will surely order those after I am done with these 2 dvds.....