Ever noticed the word therapist...

Can be read as "the rapist" with out proper spacing?

Hmmm.... I thing there is something in that for all of us, don't you? Phone Post 3.0

SNL called, want's it's Jeopardy sketch back



I'm going to go with Benny Hill on this one.


^^^ Lol that scene was great Phone Post 3.0

Tobia Funke combined the skills of being an analyst with being a therapist, becoming the world's first analrapist.

imshaft -

I'm going to go with Benny Hill on this one.


Beat me to it ! Phone Post 3.0

Psycho The Rapist?

Holy thread backfire Batman!

Sagiv Lapkin -
I cried during that scene Phone Post 3.0

Analrapist Phone Post 3.0

Expert Sex Change.com

To be fair to Experts Exchange, they did realise the error in their domain name early on and re-registered their name with a hyphen in it to make it a lot more suitable. Experts Exchange enables people with technology problems to quickly and easily solve their problems by collaborating with experts from around the world. www.experts-exchange.com

Speedo Fart.com

A site tracking the speed of gaseous emissions perhaps? Actually not. Speed of Art is in fact the website of artist Nigel Talamo, who is in fact proud to be amongst the ‘official’ top 9 worst named websites in the world”. It certainly has brought him a lot of traffic, but not necessarily for his art. www.speedofart.com

Cumming First.com

Probably the most innocent of the misnamed websites in the list – the domain name was originally chosen by the Cumming First United Methodist Church in Georgia, USA. Again, it didn’t take them very long to figure out that many of their site visitors were there for all the wrong reasons and have moved their site to a new domain at www.cfumcga.com. The original domain seems to have been taken over by a blogger pitching himself as the “Gay Bridget Jones” but it has just one post on it. www.cummingfirst.com

Whore Presents.com

Hmm…. It’s always a tricky question. What gift can you get for the whore who has everything? Maybe www.whorepresents.com could help. Well not actually. Who Represents provides an online service to identify and contact representatives (including managers, agents, lawyers and publicists) for a variety of celebrities and high profile public figures.

The Rapist Finder.com

No, it’s not a directory listing of names and locations of convicted rapists (although that may not be a bad idea actually!). Therapist Finder is an online service allowing people to locate family, marriage and other counselling therapists in California. Again, the error of their ways was identified early on and the original domain address – www.therapistfinder.com – now redirects automatically to www.counselingcalifornia.com

Molestation Nursery.com

Oh dear. The original domain name for the Mole Station Nursery in the town of Tenterfield in Australia, www.molestationnursery.com was quickly changed as well. The domain name now redirects (rather poorly it must be said) to their new url at www.molerivernursery.com

Penis Land.net

A whole land of penises? A grand collection of dicks and pricks all in one place? Errr, no. Actually Pen Island are providers of custom-made hand-driven writing implements – remember writing, that thing we used to do with pens, inks, paper? They bill themselves as “the best place to get custom made pens on the internet!”. You can judge this claim for yourself at www.penisland.com

Wasn't this also an episode of Tom Goes to the Mayor?

Definitely an Adult Swim show