Ever read your towns neighborhood watch FB?

Shit is funny as hell sometimes. Especially when people know each other and start airing dirty laundry. It usually gets deleted pretty quick, but if you catch a fresh post they can be as good as the OG.

P.S. Meth is a motherfucker

My neighborhood watch app is not as cool as that. Lately, mine has been filled with everyone sucking each other's dicks for their Christmas lights, but I out Griswalded them all. 

LOL, I love it. My buddy lived in a white trash suburb in North Texas and it was a goldmine of facebook comments. I tried to randomly join the group but they wouldn't let me in.

No, I don't live in a shit neighborhood. Thank god for living in the country.

What is this? Never heard of it.

The one in my town is a must read. Gotta get on early before all the racist shit is deleted

My neigjborhood fb group is tame. Some buying/selling of furniture, lost dog, etc. one time it was useful regarding someone's car being broken into, but its mostly dull.

i fear going og mode if i post on there, so i dont

How do I find mine?

We had one for our HOA. Then that fell to shit with accusations and name calling . Then it split into two different pages.

   The liberals in the community would constantly melt down anytime an older white person posted an unusual car in the neighborhood

ebullock -

What is this? Never heard of it.

Go on fb and search for your town or subdivisions 'neighborhood watch' 'community group' etc. and join.

My hometown is currently seeing a spike in its 20 year long meth epidemic so they're going a little nuts at the moment.

I love the poorly educated

I don't read them, but will occasionally see Facebook posts where someone is posting about black people walking down the street. Few people have gotten fired from jobs over comments.

Do they ever get your description correct?

Curtis_E_Bare -

Do they ever get your description correct?

Of course not. Ball cap and shades. Cover the tattoos and we all look alike.