Ever seen an Arcade Brawl?

I remember lmao at reading some posts on a Streetfighter 2 thread about fights breaking out over someone being a sore loser. I once saw a big skinhead looking dude grab a long-haired treehugger in a headlock and drive his head into the screen after the treehugger used some "cheap shit" to beat him at a game of Mortal Kombat II. Anybody got any good arcade brawl stories.

If the tree hugger was doing that cheap move with mileena's drop kick, i don't blame him.

I would say that 90% of arcade brawls are due to "cheap" shit. Early fighting games often had moves that could simply override the other guy's moves. So if you got somebody in the corner you could keep hitting the button real fast and juggle them and there wasn't anything they could do.

i seen a good one in playland in times square.

the place was packed, you couldnt even move. a guy tried stealing someones wallet, and all hell broke loose.

Or the old sonic boom/throw crap guile used to do.

I hated it when people would throw the hadoken over and over again,and when you go to jump kick them,wham!
Dragon uppercut.
You have to be a real loser to do this...

Oh wait,I do this.

Zangief owned that shit up.

Crazyfoo - That was how I used to play Ryu... It's perfect.

tick. tick. throw.

"Crazyfoo - That was how I used to play Ryu... It's perfect. "

for a loss.