Ever Seen Bullying go Too Far?

Back in high school I did some things that were funny as shit at the time but were examples of bullying. There was this newer kid at school and his family was poor, bad clothes, he was ugly, and I think he was mentally disabled or just had a low iq.

So I created the nickname RatMan for him and it wound up sticking. No one even knew what his real name is, I dont remember it now either. He was just RatMan. And Id draw pictures of him and his rat family and leave them around school, my friend and I would just give him shit.

The worst thing was he had p.e. with us and afterwards when he was taking a shower in the lockerroom I threw his shoes in the garbage, then I told him this random freshman who was in the lockerroom from their p.e. did it, and went and told the freshman RatMan was accusing him of throwing his shoes away and saying he was gonna whup his ass.

Well I watched them confront each other, and the freshman punched RatMan in the face and RatMan just stood there holding his mouth and started crying as the freshman walked away. This was off to the side and somehow only I witnessed it.

Kinda messed up but I spread the word this freshman just kicked RatMan’s ass and hes crying. Everyone in the lockerroom kinda converged on him and was laughing at him as he stood there holding his mouth crying.

One of his front teeth turned black after that and fell out. Looking back its messed up I orchestrated the whole event. I still kept making fun of RatMan after that, I remember one day I think my friend and I were kicking his chair and throwing stuff at him in class and he just stood up mumbling to himself and walked out of class.

We were like wtf, the teacher didnt even notice. I thought he might actually come back with a gun and was scared lol. I dropped out after that year but I went to senior prom and saw him there. My old friend I’d lost track of was also there and wanted to mess with RatMan for old times sake lol.

I was kinda over it by then but went along with it. RatMan was dancing and he came up behind him and put him in a full nelson and was swinging him around and shaking him to the beat of the music like RatMan was dancing. Everyone was laughing and I pantsed him while he was in the nelson.

My friend told me to pants his underwear too but I felt that went too far and let him keep his dignity lol. I never saw RatMan again after that night but heard he joined the army and went to Iraq. When he got back he actually killed himself.

I dont know if my bullying messed him up at all, but he seems like a weak dude that was just an easy target. Still I was probably involved in some bullying that went too far! If I could do it again I wouldnt have set up the fight.

Any of you guys in situations like that?

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If this isn’t a troll, you should be ashamed of yourself. Everything in your post is shameful.


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No, I was bullied in middle school so I started martial arts and in 8th grade I choked one of the assholes unconscious at the bus stop in front of everyone.


Hey I wouldnt do it today but kida are kids.

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It is a troll but ya if anyone really did that they deserve to die. No sympathy for pieces of shit like that. I like how he slipped in that the protagonist in his story didn’t graduate highschool and as that seems quite typical of losers who peak in highschool.


Sounds like you became the bully lol!

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No, you’re an asshole and I wouldn’t have blamed him if he shot you.


I deserve to die cause of horseplay in high school?

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I did a few things in high school that I regret but it was in the realm of one-off insults that came from my own insecurity, and nothing that belongs in the same thread as OP’s garbage behavior (or his current flippant attitude toward it even as an adult)


It’s a made up story but ya for bullying someone to point of suicide absolutely.

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I taped Larry Lester’s buns together


We all make mistakes bro, just try to be 1% better each day.

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I hate to say it, but this might even cross into deletable territory to the extent it is mocking a guy who committed suicide.

Uh I never mocked him. If anyone looks bad in my post its me.

We used to beat up this kid named Billy every time we would get the chance. I would hold him down and spit in his mouth. Sometimes I would sick my dog on him just for fun.

One time we chased him across a field and my dog chased him up a tree. We started throwing rocks at him. It was hilarious until he fell out of the tree and died.

I was only a kid, but Billy Mahoney’s memory will haunt me until the day I die.


Yes, you do mock him. “Ugly” “bad clothes” “weak dude”. You should delete this. It’s disgusting.

Hey now, all of these experiences led to Big Ched being the quality poster he is today. If anything we should all thank RatMan for taking one for the team.


Plus someone needed to toughen RatMan up.