Ever sent fuel injectors & rail for sonic cleaning (sled)

Did you notice a difference?
Have an old sled that has pretty regular fuel issues. Starting at this point is pretty much a no go. I’ve vetted lots of other potential causes and I’m thinking about having the injectors done just to rule that out. I do get glued up to thebra no problem.

So- have you done it? Did it work?

My working assumption is someone (possibly me) ran some fuel with ethanol that gummed up the works.

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Just drop a 350 in it.

I’ve done it with diesel generators. Didn’t really see a difference. How much are new injectors compared to the cleaning?


Cleaning is $30 per. New injectors seem hard to find/expensive.

It’s for an 03 firecat



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Neat. I thought it took super fancy equipment to figure out jetting specs, etc.

I’m a big fan of seafoam. Sadly it’s at the point where getting it running long enough to cycle seafoam through is a tall order.

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wait, didnt you just sell a business for 11 mil?

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My understanding is that the injectors are mechanical and controlled by a CPU so no for fancy equip to remap specs.

No need to have it running. The seafoam is to be used as your solution in the ultrasonic cleaner. Many will soak their jets but that doesn’t necessarily clean them all the way up. Ultrasonic cleaner gives you a better chance at saving the jet. You can buy software that will trigger your jet for testing. Both to enusre the jet is opening/closing and to ensure you are getting a fine mist not a solid spray.

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Now I know you’re just being a cunt, as usual, but I’ll give you this tidbit just for fun. Note- this is something lost on the YouTube business gurus from the other thread:

When you sell a business for $x, it doesn’t necessarily mean you put $x in your pocket.

That said, I could get a new sled, but I really like this janky ole firecat. She’s a fast bitch.

I may get a new one this year though cause I’d prefer something with estart and reverse since I’m not the whippersnapper I once was. When I do, I’ll be sure to let you know cause your opinion is just oh so important to me


just buy a fucking ultrasonic cleaner on amazon for 50 bucks you cheap stupid fuck

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That’s what the other guy said- more pleasantly. I didn’t know that was an option!
I may just have to do that

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I sent the 8 4 upper 4 lower to pro flow. They gave me flow rates and patterns before and after.

Mine weren’t too bad they will break down a report % before and after I think my worst one improved 6%. They told me mine were good but some that come in are horrible you can look on the website.

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Looked online at sonic cleaners. Looks like even a 2litre version is more than the cost to send them in, and I can’t think of other stuff I would want to clean that would fit in that small a cleaner (5"x5"x4")

I’d use it once and it would sit somewhere taking up room unused cause I can’t fit tools in it and I don’t clean jewelry.

Think I’m gonna just ship em out. Still not positive it will cure my issue, but it’s one more cheap troubleshooting step.