Ever since they added all these ads my app has gone retarded

It worked perfectly before all these giant ads were added. Today is the first day I’ve noticed how bad it is. I was even defending how well the discourse app was working before today. It runs like absolute garbage now. I tried to get a pro to stop the ads but it wouldn’t work. Everytime I did it, it would freeze up and then a pop up box would come up saying it stopped responding and I had to close it out.

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Imagine dealing with ads in 2021

Imagine not reading the OP

Try to contact Chris to fix your blue.

Gotta make that paper!

The ads fixed for you guys now?

I tried to reinstall the app to see if it would let me get a blue but it still freezes up. Maybe something is on the fritz tonight and it will work tomorrow.

This creates a VPN connection that blocks ads on your browser (and possibly apps). I highly advise using it. I’ve used it here for many, many years. I see zero ads.


Ya. It’s much better with pro. But I’ve only had pro for a few days. Before that, I had ad blocker set up on my router so I didn’t have problems with ads.

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Thanks. Yeah I’m about to drop the $12 tomorrow. They’ve brought a decent product this time. It’s worth it.

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I’ll give this a try to see if it helps until I can get it to let me become a pro member. Before today I just had little ads on the bottom. Now every couple posts there is an ad that makes everything freeze up and the app shuts off.


It’s making mine jump around constantly. You’re not alone.

Ya, I made the same decision. After being here for about 15 years, I decided to drop some dough. 12/year isn’t that much for how often I use this site.

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I didn’t try from the app but it worked from the PC for me