ever since...

...my good friend, and teammate, josh resnick had a little girl and made a conscious effort to not talk down to people and to try to treat everyone like a human being, this damn forum just isnt as fun! i love your new resolution josh, and i tell you you're doing really well, but please put some life back into this thing. every time i log on to this thing i get excited to see your name, only to be let down by your kind words of advice and warm wishes of wellbeing. in any case, you know i love you bro and i'll miss ya when you leave!




Nobody has been Resnicked in ages. Ah the good old days.  

I remember my first UG conversation with Resnick very well. It was in regard to Kimura's O-soto gari. I told Resnick to go jerk off on someone else's post and handed him a towel. He said he brought his own.. lmao..

ahh. the good ole days..=)i rather miss it too.. hopefully somebody will say or do something here to bring it out once more..

lmao @ "i brought my own towel" =)


pick ups suck and only belong in womans judo.

man. i guess that is why some of my friends call me a p*** then. =)

You know what? That whole tokui waza thing, of specializing in only a couple of waza? That's bullshit, you really gotta know all 40 of the gokyo. The Japanese can throw people with all 40. Only international competitors specialize.


Ok, lets see. Josh couldn't beat ummmmm lets see a 66kg high school
kid if the kid jumped in the air.

Understand, there is no such thing as a nicer Resnick - it is a extremely
tired Resnick. Babies don't allow for much sleep. Let her start sleeping
all night and it is over. The old man will return full force, because his
mind will be back. Sure glad I only deal with them for 2 hours and then
send them home.


nah. truth be told, there are always going to be idiots in the world who think judo is some type of zen thing and that if a throw isnt exactly what is in the kata that it isnt judo. its their own fault and they are shit coaches who will someday have their kids get tanked because of their ignorance.

there are also coaches who think that to be good in judo you have to master all the throws. they are wrong and stuck into this idea and havent a clue what they are talking about.

i have more important things to worry about.. for decades to come ill have more important things to worry about.. and im happy for it. =)

Does that sound like maturity growing in the Res-one? Kids do that to


what kind of a coach are you dave? you strike me as a kata kind of a guy.

Pickup require a lot of strength and really are not true Judo technique.

Ben R.

Ummmmmmmmm Ben I will defer to you on this one. If I release my
opinion of kata I might just sound like an old Resnick.


yea.. becuase im such a strong guy.. fact, nobody is stronger than i am so i can pick people up without a problem... we all know that in judo technique is secondary to strength and power.. pick-ups prove it.


I made that post because that was my first argument with Resnick. It wasn't really an argument, though, just set the oul boy off.

"Ummmmmmmmm Ben I will defer to you on this one. If I release my opinion of kata I might just sound like an old Resnick.
David "

I guess you missed an old troll post by somebody about that very topic, Dave. In fact, I paraphrased the trolling comment pretty closely.

Ben R