Ever vacation by yourself?

Seriously considering it. I haven't been on an actual relaxing vacation in about 6 years. I am going through a divorce and will not have the full custody of the kids so I'll be alone for awhile. Don't really care about hooking up with anyone or anything. Just thinking about getting away for a day or two. Has anyone done this? Just debating if it would actually be relaxing and refreshing or just be boring as hell after a few hours. I know it would vary per person, just wanting to hear some stories and opinions. Phone Post 3.0

I did a roadtrip by myself. It was fun. A little awkward to sit alone in restaurants, but bring a book or newspaper and it's all good. If you're more outgoing than me, you'll probably make some single serving friends on your vacation.

Yes. All the time.

I use to have long business trips by myself and have to entertain myself. Awkward at times but enjoyed. Been a few years and I wish I could get away for a bit. Phone Post 3.0

Went to Thailand on my own to train Muay Thai for 3 weeks first time and then 6 months next time. Went to Hong Kong alone while on that trip. I loved it.

Now i have to travel all over for work on my own and try go to baseball and hockey games to at least see some of the cities I visit. Don't even give it a second thought now. Phone Post 3.0

Several times. Beach vacations, Europe, US cities. All have been awesome. You get to do what you want, when you want .

I suggest a beach vacation, Puerto Vallarta is my favorite. Read books on the beach, drink beer, get massages, exercise, then go out to good restaurants for dinner.

Enjoy yourself. Phone Post 3.0

I went to Montreal alone almost exactly 2 years ago. Had very good food and listened to great music on my iPod.
Got a little bored, but was fine overall.

Considering going to New Orleans alone (been twice before) this November.
I get easily annoyed by people. I like to be alone and let my mind churn as it needs to. Phone Post 3.0

Went to Old Orchard beach 2 summers ago alone for 6 days. Had a blast, got laid 4 of the 6 nights and met some cool people. Plan to go again this summer. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys. I live in GA so am considering just going to a beach. Myrtle Beach, Florida or something. Phone Post 3.0

Go camping by yourself.

It awesome Phone Post 3.0