Ever Witness Someone Die In Front Of Your Eyes?

Happened to me today. I work from home and saw our lawn mowing company outside and was wondering what they were doing. The neighbor across the street was under his car when he had a fatal heart attack. The 2 brothers were doing CPR/chest compressions for at least 10 minutes before the paramedics arrived. Visually, you could see he had passed (color turned, etc). The saddest part was, had the lawn guys not shown up, he could of been deceased for a lot longer before anyone had noticed. I don't know why I came here to say this but my heart was heavy and needed to get it out.

Yes, my Grandpa and several of my best buds.

Yes, several times, children were the toughest by far.

A friend got smoked by a drunk driver when we were on motorcycles. No helmet, brain on the road. Phone Post

Ham and egger, you an EMT?

I was a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder. Been to a lot of traffic accidents, heart attacks, etc.

Yes. It's hard. I remember hold c-spine on a guy that had a snowmobile accident, knowing he was dying, and not a damn thing anyone could do. He had fear in his eyes. Stared straight in to my eyes, then died.

Ham and Egger - Yes, several times, children were the toughest by far.

Are you an EMT? Must be tough for sure!

I was a Medic and currently a Contractor. Sadly I could tell stories for hours.

Watched my grandma die on her birthday. Phone Post 3.0

Ham and Egger - Yes, several times, children were the toughest by far.

This is soooooo true. I had a SIDS baby that the parents met me at the front door and handed me the child and there was nothing I could do. I took that one hard as my daughter was very young at the time. Standing there looking at them during the worst moment in their lives unable to do anything was one of the worst feelings I have ever had in my life.

Hired Gun - I was a Medic and currently a Contractor. Sadly I could tell stories for hours.

I bet. Thanks for listening everyone. Was so hard because he was a lonely man. Made me realize that I don't want to die that way nor would I wish that on anyone.

Saw a woman throw herself in front of a moving train. Torn apart on impact. Rough stuff. Phone Post

Quite a bit. Seen a guy shoot himself, one jump off a bridge to his death, 2 year old pulled from a fire... And watched a few people take their last breath after I arrived on scene of crashes or industrial accidents. Phone Post

Yar, FIre/EMS

Thankyou but no thankyou

Saw a guy fall off the elliptical in gym once, died of a heart attack. I was in an office when 2 people died at separate times, and saw their bodies taken out.

I left the volunteer fire department the first car wreck i had to go to and the was a dead guy in the passenger seat. I thought who that coulda been that i know. I got sick i threw up, handed them my radio and told my dad this is the last time i ever wanna see something like this and quit the station. (Just in time to because i fixen to have to help keep the guys son away from the car, fuck that) Have i seen anyone die infront of me? No and i don't want to. Phone Post 3.0

Once kinda..... Guy had a seizure driving and smashed the gas pedal and hit me and a friend n a parked car going bout 80. Me and my friend (who is a girl) were unharmed thankfully. The guy only stopped because he hit 6 other cars afterwards. His foot was still on the gas doors were locked had to brake the window to get in to shut the car off his life less body still kinda haunts me. They recesitated him shortly after but he passed away again afterwards. One of the Most surreal feeling ever. Phone Post 3.0

Wow, some crazy stories.

First time when I was 13 or so, an old man shot one of the neighborhood kids in the head with a hunting rifle. We were all in the street when the guy shot him in the head.

Watched my grandmother
gurgling on her own fluids while trying to breathe in a coma. That was rough. But I had left the hospital a few hours before she died. Phone Post 3.0