Fuck a chick on the ass against her will. And it turns out she likes it? Asking for a friend.

Laziest SVU detective ever. 

On, In, tell your 'friend' it's still rape.


I had two chicks do it to me.


I liked it. 

No,  but I did put a finger in her ass and now she's obsessed with getting more fingers .  

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My ex used to claim she hated it but when she was drunk she would beg me to fuck her ass and would cum from it. Sober, claimed she hated it. After a couple of drinks, begging. 

"Ever commit rape." That is what you are asking. Maybe it's time to seek psych help


OP, you are a bat man

Dirtywhiteboy -


OP, you are a bat man

Well, if she's not prepped and cleaned for anal, he'll definitely end up a dark knight.

Changing lanes without signaling.


That's what it was called once here in the og (whoever came up W that term is genius). I don't think the end result was a like though.