Evergrey...who digs 'em?

Progressive Power Metal...more emphasis on the progressive-

very melodic and they have the chops but don't beat your ears merciless with them-

from Sweden...hmmm, like the mighty Opeth-

stuff from their latest "Recreation Day" is quite good-

look for tracks "darkest hour" and the title-

stumbled on them, relatively new...any fans?


Yep, as the undisputed metal king, I support them.

Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy is the best one. A lot of cats really like In Search of Truth, been listening to them for over a year or so, Recreation Day is really intense stuff too. They like to call thesmelves "Depressive Metal", look out for re-releases in March/April of the first three albums. Come get some.

lol @ "depressive metal"- actually, I thought they are somewhat Christian by the lyrical content, which would be just the opposite- Shooto says "thumbs up"-

tigger, try "recreation day"

Heard a song off of their latest CD that was really good. They keep getting better with every recording.