Everlast boxing gloves

Has anyone tried these gloves?


I've been using poor pro force gloves the last two years and would like some high quality ones now. these look good to me and I am close to ordering. I'd just like others opinions.

Sparring or bagwork? I would use grant training gloves or top ten training gloves for sparring and aries training gloves for bag work. Neverlast's quality lies in name alone these days. Reyes would be your next bet, but even their quality differs...the good stuff is hard to come by and not the crud sold by ringside.com! If you are just getting in shape and not doing alot of sparring, twins training gloves are also good.

Thanks for responding. I do a fairly balanced routine of sparring and bagwork, so I'd like a glove for both. I'll look into the brands you mentioned, thank you.

At our gym, they like Ringside. You can go to ringside.com Call them up, the sales people are very knowledgable. I like 14 oz gloves. I got my gloves at Revgear.com and I like them.