Everlast Vinyl Training MMA Gloves

The title says it all. These gloves are better than nothing but not much else. I have had a pair of these for a while now but I rarely use them because I normally prefer to use my boxing gloves. They offer little padding on the knuckles with even less on the fingers. The wrist support isnt that bad but neither is it anything to brag about. The wrist strap design its self is not my favorite but at the same time they've never fallen off so I guess that counts for something. My biggest complaint is the material theyre made of. The interior of it is an absorbent cotton type material which is great to keep your hands dry but terrible when it comes time to clean them. The outer cover seems to be a rubber coated vinyl type substance. The rubber coating started peeling off about 3 months after I got the gloves and peels a little more every time I wear them. The only saving grace of these gloves are the price. I got them for 15$. But when the finally do go I will not buy another pair.