Every gym should play this prank on the rookies!


yeah..this vid will show up on matbattle as an instructional

 Pat would LOVE both of those!

thanks for the feedback..i will continue to frontal face fuck noobies as they come along in the gym...you can always scope the ones that should be pranked..this guy we pranked is a total trip..really funny character..thanks for the gif as well..its perfect

 said gif:


Niceone.gif picture by TheDropper 

 thanks for fighting the stereotype that bjj is for romos

goku -  thanks for fighting the stereotype that bjj is for romos

Thats a wrestling prank.

 For having that tattoo, he deserves it. Imo.

actually a lot funnier in the gif

yeh that gif was on the money..even more on the money that his nose in my taint...i was thinkin of selling the wrist lock prank in the form of a standing kimura..thats way easier to get a bite on..

I approve.



You're fuckin brutal......hahahaha can't stop laughing at that shit. How the fuck you come up with something like that? Is that really a TapouT tattoo on his neck?



Waterbottle...brother..brace yourself..it is indeed a real TapouT tatto..he came in one day after attending his first mma fight, in ATL GA at Wild Bills..he was hooked, enough to get that tattoo..i asked/begged him to tell me it was fake..id like to say weve never had a student stoop that low, but all around, hes a hilarious ass guy..hes a funny character to have around..very gullible, so i figured this prank would be perfect..


 That is hilarious.

haha.... His nose went perfectly into the taint.