Every mechanical injury I've ever had has been while doing something healthy

From hiking with a 60LBS pack and slipping on a rock to doing a pull-up with my legs parallel to the ceiling (and the bar failing and then falling 8 feet onto tile). I have 6 herniated disks in my neck and back. Every time I do something healthy, I get hurt.

Also, I caught a hook kick to the head one time that sent my headgear (and my brain) into a different dimension.

The takeaway is to stop doing healthy activities. Just chill out and don’t eat too much. Go for a nice walk. Well…maybe not 'cause you could get hit by a car or twist your ankles or even get shot if you are jogging while also stealing shit.

Also one time I think I almost got electrocuted when giving a healthy explanation of Tesla coils.

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I might be wrong but getting kicked in the noggin ain’t healthy.

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No, I think you are, in fact, correct about that, though maybe someone else who knows more can chime in on that one.

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Wait … so in order to get hurt, you have to be doing things that involve moving?

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Yeah, it’s fucked up.

There is a lot of truth here


I told you no head gear

A ton of folk who have been inactive the majority of their lives and eating shit feel pain daily (by choice). A little pain by being active is okay (and comes with age and memories)…

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I’d rather see the chiropractor

Than the cardiologist

I’d rather see the orthopedist

Than the oncologist

I’d rather visit the ER for a failed attempt

Than a failed kidney

I rather die from catching air than from an inability to breath

Move. Live. Die.


Lazy people avoid injuries, but have a hard time walking up the stairs.

Sing a song of fitness
A body full of pain
Jogging 20 miles
Through a driving rain
Muscle pulls and jock itch
Dislocated bones
Heart attacks and hamstrings
Bruises, sprains, and moans
Some day in the future
When the craze is done
Ask yourself the question
Wasn’t fitness fun?

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Honestly, thats typically how it happens. People get hurt doing the things that they have done 1000x before. Believe it or not, that’s how most WWE talent get injured.