Every one is invited Jan 12

Everone is invited to the DVD release party for the sparring Chronicles Jan 12th 2004 at the Ivar nightclub in LA. Come meet your favourite fighters plus other MMA celebs. R.V.S.P. at bobbyrazak2@hotmail.com

Bobby Razak

if I could I would be there.

Thats to bad Stinkin was hoping to get to meet you.

Bobby Razak

whats this dvd about???


dammm I have to move to Cali!!!

What time?

myrites, can you get me on the list. I live in LA about 5 minutes from ivar. that sounds like fun

ttt. I'll clearing my schedule now



No probs howsyourhead e-mail me at bobbyrazak2@hotmail.com for R.V.S.P. The party starts at 9.00 pm go's on all night. lots of MMA celebs will be there. Mad pussy, drinks, Ivars the hottest spot in hollywood right now. Gonna be crazy, everyone is invited unless I hate your guts. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?? Apart from them see you there.
Bobby Razak

The party is the DVD release for the new sparring chronicles DVD

Wish I could make it, good luck with the event.


Bobby...have everyone sign my dvd!

wish I could be there...

Thanks Tex, no probs Arias. I wish I knew before you collected stuff, I had a shit load of stuff I gave away over the years. Next time I will save them for you.
Bobby Razak

I collect everythign!!!!!!

do people need to be on a list, or can we just show up??

You can just show up no probs, but people on the list get in first so e-mail me at bobbyrazak2@hotmail.com so I can put you on it.

Bobby Razak


I will try to make it. We met before at some party in a Hollywood club. I was hanging out with Joe. I worked on the Pride game. How ya been? Anyway if I all is well, I am there!


Where can we get the DVD?