Everyday it's getting worse and worse

Literal masked villains hell bent on destroying the world you grew up with…


Australia has gone to shit. Nice little liberal experiment.

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I still don’t understand why trying to send a positive message to prioritize yourself and your family is negative in any manner to you. Why is this a bad take? The world is chaos but you can try to make your family life better while things out of your control go on around you. I don’t understand at all why that would be deemed a bad post by anyone. I respect you so I am doing my best not to reply like I normally do here in asking this.

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Why do you even post here? You wake up every morning thinking “I’m going to try and piss off as many people as possible because I’m hidden behind an anonymous forum.” Not one single person here likes you. You’ve never contributed anything here worth a shit. You have a sad life man. You’re like the kid that would try to sit with the cool kids at school, and nobody wanted you around them. You’d think you’d be able to read people somewhat. That’s why nobody likes you, you’re oblivious to how awkward people think you are. You go out of your way to argue with everyone. You’re honestly a complete piece of shit. Must suck not being able to tell when people don’t want you around them. Couldn’t even imagine you growing up.

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Keep your head up! Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Take some deep breaths. If it’s raining carry an umbrella. It’ll all be fine. Everything will work out.


Take care of you and yours. Make sure you all enjoy the life you have. If things are falling apart there’s nothing you can do to stop it. The best you can do is be ready to protect your family if the day comes that you have to.

Until that day (maybe) comes, just enjoy life.

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apologies for triggering you

perhaps you are better in a safe little bubble?

If I’m honest OP, when I get to feeling like that, it’s usually because I’m not doing something (or things) I’m supposed to be doing.

It’s time to make a change.


Eh, your probably right and I’m wrong. It’s seems a bit pollyanic, but in this case maybe it’s apropos.

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I’m just letting you know you’re a piece of shit. I’m sure you realize that everyday when you wake up. You can post retarded shit all day long. Clowns like you are the ones who invented safe spaces, being triggered, and reeeeeing everything. There’s definitely a reason you will die single with no friends.

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dude, let it go. @TheSpookedKabuki fucking has you pegged. You truly are a sad and pathetic human, living an equally sad and pathetic life.

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My intent was not to say ignore the world around us because that is impossible and not wise but rather to offer the best advice on things that are in our control, such as yourself and family.


Again apologies for triggering your fragile feelings