Everyone used to laugh at the "woke" extremists

The “kill crackers” thread reminded me of Hooper X. I feel like in the 80’s and 90’s, being insanely “woke” was laughed at by the majority of rational people, even in pop culture. Something like tranny read alouds for your kindergartners was seen as a sick joke by 99.9% of the population back then and now its a brilliant idea in the eyes of a good 30 or 40% of the nation.

Hooper X was woke, he knew the real agenda behind Star Wars.


Crazy how quickly things changed.

People have become so social conditioned to just “go with the flow” that they will just blindly agree rather than deal with a confrontation.
So anytime a person says something with conviction, be it right or wrong, most people will just simply try not to single themselves out and potentially be labeled a “bigot”.


TTT for the gentrification of the universe, that cracker Skywalker and Darth Vader’s sullied yet beautiful black visage.

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See, I would tend to agree with this if it weren’t for one thing…

People don’t behave this way in day to day interactions. The ‘woke’ shit, I mean. It may fly in schools and HR, but I’ve not seen a single soul behaving in such a manner out in public. No blacks demand I let them cut in line or pay for their shit. They hold the door for me like I hold it for them. They call me sir the same way I call them sir/ma’am. They wave me through four way stops the same way I wave them through.

I’ve got nothing to fight back against in day to day life. I can vote against the culture shift. I can express my opinions against the culture shift. But there’s no actual enemy or bad thinking for me to actively fight back against in my day to day.

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PCU was good. I always loved the lesser known gender wars satire, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death starring Bill Maher and Shannon Tweed.

This may not hold true in a lot of the country.
But I live in the bay area, silicon valley to narrow it down and it is the reality here.
I was raised and steeped in a ultra-lefty family and culture, and once I began calling out the bullshit years ago, I was basically labeled an “apostate” and this carries on to most interactions in day to day life.

Yeah, in the leftist cities I’m sure it’s more prevalent.

But the overwhelming majority of this country ain’t city.

That’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. At least there’s some hope!

Where do you live? I see woke behavior in real time in CA

You live in CA and are seeing woke stuff… you don’t say!

Try visiting almost ANY of the other states besides CA or NY, and you’ll see what actual Americans talk about.

Go to nyc it’s a way of life there

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I don’t need and I live in the second largest city in the state