Everything felt wrong about that fight???

Anyone else think that?? Diaz didnt seem fired up? Nate was so quiet between rounds? Nicks coach didnt even come into the cage from round 2 onwards?... and he even turned up late for that one? running over late and talking to him through the cage??

just kept waiting for Nick to up the pace in the last 2 rounds...but it never came?

anyone else think that was strange??

His legs were probably busted up Phone Post

And he shook hands at presser on Thursday Phone Post

 Nate telling Nick he was winning was not helpfull. He needed to tell him that it could go either way and he needs to do more amd cut off the angles.

At the press conference and the weigh ins Nick was too relaxed.

Nick needs to be pissed off to perform and Condit didnt give him any ammunition.

Yeah it's a bit strange that his team lacks professionalism at that level,

I hear ya homie Phone Post

Maybe it was the beer, but was vaseline applied inside Condits nose before entering the cage? Usually I do that when I'm sick and having trouble breathing and thats why Condit didn't fight his usual balls out fight. Then again, I did drink a lot. Phone Post

ttt biatches