So, this Jew reggae guy is playing in LA on the 14th. Plus, this chick I dig is there as well. So, if you guys want to send me some Paypal loot, pleaSE send an offer. The plane ticket will be around 150, but the lodging will be free. Here's what I have again:

UFC 47 mid size-Liddell

46 flyer-Couture

46 flyer-Belfort


41 flyer-Thomas(2)

44 flyer-Couture(2)

44 flyer-Couture,Mcgee

44 flyer-Sylvia,Mcgee(4)

44 flyer-Mcgee(11)

44 flyer-Ortiz, Couture

46 flyer- Franca, Charuto, Curran, Parisyan, Serra, Belfort, Penn, Thompson

47 flyer-Ortiz

47 flyer-Sylvia

49Program-Terrell, Liddell, Riggs, Parisyan, Lytle, Steibling, Jhun, Edwards, Lindland (PROMISED TO STINKIN GENIUS)

UFC 47 Program (EVERYONE)

Ortiz Sylvstedt flyer-Ortiz(2)

Coleman photo

Royce Gracie photo

Shamrock photo (2)

41 flyer-Thomas, Penn, Baroni, Rodriguez, Serra Severn photo(2)

UFC Japan book-Sylvia, Terrell, Randleman, Vanderlei Silva (2)

UFC Japan book-Goes, Hallman, Miletich, Couture, Riley, Mir, Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock, Lawler, Henderson, Randleman, Coleman

Full size posters.

22-Ortiz, Shamrock


31- Couture, Rizzo, Miletich, Newton (3)

32-Sinosic, Ortiz (2)

34-(PROMO)Ortiz, Newton, Liddell, Pulver, Rizzo

34-(EVENT)Couture, Rizzo, Newton(2)

37.5-Liddell and Belfort

38- ERROR AND CORRECT-Newton and Hughes(11x17)

ORTIZ SYLVSTEDT- Signed by Ortiz(9x15)


34-(PROMO)Ortiz, Newton, Liddell, Pulver, Rizzo AND Couture (I think I have the only 1 of these).

Riggs' Boxergenics glove (used against Timmerman, Fulton and Joe Pardoe etc.)

The UFC 34 promos and the UFC 22 are my babies, so I would want more than they are prob worth. I won't quote prices, so please post an offer or leave an email.


The 22 poster is foamboarded, as is all of the full-size posters except the 37.5. That 1 the frame guy has had for 4 months and flaked. I gotta go get that back.

Returned mail with counter offer on single items. Maybe we can work a package deal

Good luck....

Saw the Roots in Philly on N ew Years' eve....


Money and flyers went out this morning JM.

Werd. Where do you live?

Who me JM? I live in NE Ohio.

Yeah. Just to get an idea when to expect the shite. Prob be like Tues - Wed

37.5-Liddell and Belfort

22-Ortiz, Shamrock

31- Couture, Rizzo, Miletich, Newton (3)

34-(PROMO)Ortiz, Newton, Liddell, Pulver, Rizzo