Everything you need to know about Ebola

Why is ebola spreading so quickly, even among health care workers that take every precaution and measure to avoid having contact.

1) lapse in procedures and protocols

Example a Spanish nurse touched her face with an ebola contaminated glove and contracted the virus.


The complex procedures of removing hazard gear and disinfecting can cause human error. Example a worker might take their gloves off before taking their mask off, then use their bare hands to take the mask off. If the mask contains the virus the lapse in procedure could spread it. Or in other cases just reckless behaviour.


2) the virus is constantly mutating

The ebola virus has mutated over 300 times. The incubation period was previously 3-21 days. New evidence supports that the virus may be partially airborne, that the new incubation period is up to 42 days, double the previous period. It can also survive on surfaces up to 42 days and in semen up to a staggering 70 days. (that's right, it can.spread easily like an std)


Doctors are not being constantly informed on the new mutations. Example, if the virus now has an incubation period of up to 42 days and doctors don't know, and are still going by the old 21 day information, the quarantined patients may still have ebola after the quarantine is over. This could potentially put ebola patients back in public before they show symptoms. Currently it is reported that 3% of ebola cases have the 21-42 day incubation period.


Evidence suggests that ebola becomes airborne at temperatures under 45f. Winter is quickly approaching and soon we will be below that temperature, aiding the spread of the virus l. Remember that this isn't influenza, which kills 1/10th of 1%, this kills 70% with western medicine.



3) some of the hazmat suits given to healthcare workers treating ebola patients are not effective, as well as masks.

The hazmat suits given to a lot of health care workers only protects against viruses as small as .2 microns. The ebola virus can be as small as .05 microns. This leaves a small particle penetration rate where the ebola virus can potentially still be transmitted. Also the n95 masks they give healthcare workers (that were used for H1n1) do not protect against ebola. You need n100 masks.


I've done a lot of research just thought I would share my opinion and findings.

Some other things worth mentioning. Us has not stopped flights from west Africa when most other countries have.
Obama says that stopping flights from west Africa is less effective to fight ebola than measures he currently has in place. However, not stopping the flights is the whole reason there is ebola in the USA in the first place. Patient zero was an African that came to America knowing he had ebola, he was desperate for life saving western treatment, as without it the mortality rate is 90%+.

By not shutting down the flights Obama is advertising usa as the place to flee if you catch ebola. The simple thermometer test they have introduced as a security measure can be easily beaten by taking Tylenol or fever reducing medication.

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It has also been confirmed that federal agencies are disappearing potential ebola victims. Recently 2 high level doctors who run multiple hospitals and facilities have come forward saying that. Isn't it odd that the only cases are with health care workers and nobody from the public?


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I was going to tell a great ebola joke but if you're not black you probably won't get it. Phone Post 3.0

Id estimate a virus to be mich smaller than 0.05 microns (50 nanometers). A virus is dna or rna witha protein capsid coat... Your average protein is below 10 nm. Unless ebola has a huge capsid... Id have to look it up. Skurred yet? Phone Post 3.0

Unfortunately when they finally decide to stop inbound flights it will be too late. Let's all pray to what ever god you favor this thing does not mutate into an airborne virus because it could possibly be the end of us as we know it. We've seen how unprepared and the lack of procedures there are when dealing with one patient. Could you imagine what would happen if the entire ER were full of patients? I have a sneaky suspicion this thing has already mutated and they know it but refuse to admit it to the public. Guess we will certainly find out in the next 2 months. My guess were about to see the stocks for medical companies sky rocket in the very near future. Phone Post 3.0