Everytime I Sh!t on my balls .....

I think of jimmynaks.

I thought of jimmynaks today :-(

So I've never ever ruined the front of my bowl. I want someone to design a bowl with larger backside. Phone Post

TJ, sit 'slater' style. Problem solved.

I like SE Asian squat with feet on seat for maximum efficiency. Phone Post

doesnt that lead to ankle-poo?

Front straddle ftmfw

FCTV808 - Front straddle ftmfw

  like they do in prison when they pee sitting down???

Nothing like a good shitting on the balls!! Phone Post

cod damn it. balls needed another washing today.

TWO ball washings in the same week?!?!
You'll lose the musky aroma the women love so much! Phone Post

make that 4 :-(

It has been a bad week for tjmitch's anus. Thing probably looks like Saurons' eye.

Pics? Phone Post