Evgeni Kogan: Relationship going well w/Zuffa

My interview with Evgeni Kogan from a couple weeks back as recap the M-1 Global card from a couple weeks back, preview Fedor vs Henderson and how the relationship is going between M-1 Global and Zuffa. You can listen to the 2 part interview at www.sportstownchicago.com/fightclub

 Tom Atencio's relationship starting going well with Zuffa too, once he lost all his leverage. 

That is the guy with the glasses yes

You could call it that they lost all there leverage

For business sake, I hope they can work together because If Fedor wins its better for business and they can make a lot of money together

People still love to watch Fedor fight as evidenced here this week so far

Your correct on that. Dont get me wrong, if the top guys win of course business is good but you always need to create new stars.

Good to see the guys of the future get recognized and get there but you still need those legends

Reckoner - Is that the whiny fag with the glasses? 
Oh yeah him, I remember he's that guy who always says the opposite of what is true


Reckoner - Is that the whiny fag with the glasses? 

Bahaha - someone please link the Helwani interview where he acts like a complete snobby douchebag?

All I know is after I did the interview and after talking to some people in the know and being there this week, its at least amicable

We'll see how much longer their relationship lasts...

I doubt the relation is gonne be going well anymore...

Dana is gonna invite these fuckers to the Zuffa offices, open the door, look at them with a blank stare and slowly allow the door to shut.

 haha he wasnt let backstage. i was there