Eviction moratorium is still going on in CA till next year?

He is completely correct, and it changed my way of thinking. I need to make as much money off my rental properties NOW, in case that money isn’t coming in later. I suggest all landlords raise their rents as high as is allowed. California only lets me raise the rent 3% per year, so every year the rent will go up by the maximum allowed. It’s not like the people have any choice, there is little housing available, so if one tenant doesn’t like it there are 20 more lined up. Thank you once again SPedoJackoff69 for opening my eyes to this. Definitely talking to all the people I know who own property, so they can take advantage of the housing situations in California before it becomes a rainy day!

I own a residential rental property in Los Angeles which literally just went on the market this week (no joke). It will only be on the market for another week, then we take the best offer.

Never going to be a landlord again in CA --or anywhere.

Looks like it is going to sell quickly (fingers crossed). Then in October I’ll be free.

You cannot trust the people running this State, County or City.

NOOOOOOOOO! Shen, stop and think about it. Just start jacking rates up as much as possible under the law. Think of the appreciation value of the property, combined with as high of rates as possible compounded over the next few years! In 10 years you can retire as a millionaire!

Story is more complex, I just didn’t get into it. The real estate market probably hit it’s peak for a while. Even if it hasn’t, I don’t want to be involved with renting sh!t to human beings. It has been a lot of hassle & stress. You can always still invest in real estate without being a landlord.

True, but following the sage wisdom of SPedoJackoff69, you should take as much advantage of your capitalistic advantage as possible while you can. You never know when your investments won’t pay off, so might as well take while the suckers…err while it is advantageous!

I mean, I don’t know your situation, but if you own any section 8 housing, you could be the owner of SPedoJackoff69’s place! Think about how nice it would be to raise rent there!

Ugh. No thanks!

Then the landlord would have to find the tenant a new place to live and pay for it while the place was being rebuilt.

Debatable. But you absolutely do not have a right to live anywhere you want.

Can’t afford a place? Live somewhere else.

  1. Fuck CA
  2. The govt wouldn’t be able to stop me from forcibly removing people from my property… they would disappear!

Homeless junkies do it just fine… so can these fuckos!

This is part of the NWO, force landlords into bankruptcy so the state and cities can repurpose the land.