ok, everyone knows u are a 17 year troll but saying that Royler was talking shit about Sudo is a fucking lie.

You are basically trying to put forum members against Royler by forging a lie. He lost fare and square. There´s no reason to make idle versions of the figth.

I read Royler´s interview before leaving to Japan and he said Sudo was a very skilled fighter and that he knew he knew he had to be prepared. Don´t be too childish. Everyone knows Royler is cool and respectable. You may question his fight performance but leave his character aside.

Well I am not Royler but the bit a know about him he will give no excuses, say what he did wrong and congratulate Sudo.

EVILYOSHIDA is indeed a troll.

A pussy and a troll.


It was not in a pejorative way. He meant Sudo does tricks to disctract his opponents.

TTT for getting evil yoshida's side of the story too.

Lol at you waiting to hear his side of any story.

He is a troll.

He himself admitted that on Fightsport after the Yoshida angle got old.

aatu.. since when was I a member of fightsport? stop making shit up.

And vale you idiot. Since when was MMA a team sport?

I don't care what the score is between japan and brazil. What matters is that Minowa got robbed big time.

we'll all be able to see the fight in a couple of hours so no worries.

I thought EY left the forum?

No, King Yoshida left.

Im not one to play the racism card very often, but EY is also one of the biggest racists Ive ever heard from. The guy blows me away with one racist comment after another. He gets my vote for one of the top 5 trolls of all time. That guy needs a hobby bad.

King Yoshida and EY are the same guy right? I guess I just always assumed it was the same shmuck.

I didn´t say MMA is a sport team.

I believe a team is when sportsman play/fight together. Did u see 8 fighters on the same ring?

It works like the Davis tennis cup. Players play individually but the result is aggregated. I think u are to stupid to figure that out.

Pride came up with the challange and the gracies won. Get over it.

Is he really 17???