evilyoshida effs up at work

NY Post- A dopey IT worker was caught watching porn at work – when he accidentally beamed it onto a giant outdoor TV screen. Passengers waiting for trains at Jilin Station in China were stunned when saucy scenes from X-rated film The Forbidden Legend of Sex and Chopsticks appeared on the huge screen, which is usually used to air adverts. The movie played for ten minutes before the plug was pulled. It turns out a technician had hooked his computer up to the screen to fix a fault – but forgot to disconnect a cable. The man then tuned into the raunchy film, unaware he was broadcasting it to hundreds of unwitting travellers.

'The Forbidden Legend of Sex and Chopsticks'

I knew I was holding them wrong

Lol Phone Post

Brilliant!!! Phone Post 3.0

I blame the Aryan Illuminati Brotherhood. They can't kill EY outright, so they're attacking him professionally to discredit him.

lol sounds like fun Phone Post

AJL19 - What type of porn was that flic? Phone Post 3.0
For research? Phone Post 3.0

If I couldn't read  the article myself I would think the name of the porn was a chinese joke. 

'The Forbidden Legend of Sex and Chopsticks'



You can often see Windows XP desktop screens beamed on these things LOL.

very careless.

Sub for research? Phone Post