Evinger vs Aldana

Those elbows
That armbar

Tonya looking like a beast so far

This is a damn good fight. That armbar looked nasty Phone Post 3.0

Yeah for everyone who skipped the fights you're gonna wanna go back and watch this one.

If that wasn't a 10-8 round then they don't exist. Win or lose Aldana is going to be in a world of pain tomorrow morning

Dominated all 3 rounds so far, but you can tell Tonya is slowing down a bit

And new Invicta champ

That face is busted up Phone Post 3.0

LOL at that shocker logo on her shirt! Phone Post 3.0

What is Tap or Sleep? Is that like a flea market brand of Tap or Snap? Phone Post 3.0

Tonya deserves this!

So cool to see a vet like Tonya take home gold. Congratulations Tonya. Phone Post 3.0

Ya this was fight of the night in my opinion. Phone Post 3.0

How did Aldana not tap from that armbar? For a second I thought it was going to look like the Rousey vs Tate 1 fight.