Evolution 5 Supa 8 H/L vid

This highlight clip is taken from Evolution 5 which occured late last year sometime. It featured some of Australia's best fighters including Preacher Macfie who has a fight in Deep this wkend in Japan. Also on the card is Soren Monkontong who narrowly lost a points decision on the K1 Max card just gone.

Check out www.evolutionpromotions.com.au for the next event.

Fighters in the Tournament: Ben Burton, Andrew Keogh, Bruce Macfie, Clayton Collier, Soren Monkongtong, Ngarkou Spain, Warren Elson and Shannon Forrester



Wow, great highlight clip. thanks. I thought Preacher was gonna take when I looked at the field but Warren was on a mission. I wish the U.S. could get it together like AUS. has and more importantly I wish New York could get it together like Queensland has.

The Evolution shows are great. I was at Evolution 2 or 3 cant remember. Got to see Soren, The Butcher, and F16 fight. Great fights and well run in my opinion.

Primo, i was over in Australia for the christening of my god daughter the weekend of the supa 8. it was an awesome event an i ended up cornering the F16, i went to school with him many years ago. I also thought Preacher would take the tournament, he looked so good in his first 2 fights and then just couldn't pull it together when he fought warren. It was without a doubt the best kickboxing or muay thai event i have been to.

Wish I could have been there. Do you know of anyway to get the shows on DVD?

i would mail the guys at evolution and see if they will get you one.


thanks. will do.