Evolution Gym a Dream Come True

$400 a month or $100 a week gets you a room, a sauna, full cardio and weight equipment, training under the tutelage of Jason Darrah ( who gets sent away to get his own teaching skills enhanced every so often ), training with other elite athletes that are there etc, etc.

A full-time training facility where you can concentrate solely on your training and nothing else. If anything, you save a few hundred bucks maybe a $1000, and all you have to worry about is your flight/drive to Vernon. I also know Leslie Dickens, the founder of Evolution, can hook you up with a part-time job if need be. If you play your cards right, negotiate a nice purse for your fight, and or, let it pay for itself, you can truely see how great this can be.

Man, if I could do it, I'd put one up in my hometown YESTERDAY. What an excellent idea, facility and true gift to MMA fighters everywhere. I mean, based on the location, think of how close you are to AMC, Team Quest, etc. And if I know Leslie and Jason, they can hook you up with some 'special training' with other elite fighters/trainers.

Best of luck to the whole Evolution Team. Truely another step in MMA out West.

...And, MMA in Canada I might add.

This is an awesome development for Canadian MMA...

TTT for the Evolution Academy

One word.....Unbelievable!!!

I've been to Millenia jiu-jitsu and it's exactly like that (except for the sauna and it was U.S. money)

100$/week 400$/month

Take nothing away from clubs like Shah's, TriStar and the many, many other clubs across the country, but the concept Evolution is going with is phenomenal.

It removes alot of the barriers asscociated with training at home. It takes many of the missing pieces in a fighters training and combines them together.

It eliminates alot of distractions and a fighter can concentrate on his upcoming fight.

Thank you Joe for your words of support ( cheques in the mail, LOL ) Evolution is intended to be world class and nothing less. The seminar schedule we have in the works has every month either mma or boxing's elite visiting our academy to do seminars. This facility has every training tool a fighter can think of and will be added to on a regular basis. Jason Darrah has proven his commitment to becoming better as a instructor with the committment of part of his salary to bi monthly trips to various gyms in the US to further develop his teaching skills. Canadian MMA will not truely understand this facility untill the site is up and the Sept event allows them to see various fighters and columnists comments on it first hand.Their are many great gyms in Canada and no disrespect to them but their is nothing like this or anything with such vision of becoming "THE GYM "

I think we as Canadians tend to think we are always second class when it comes to various sports or training facilaties. We over the years have adopted a "try as hard as you can and what you do is good enough attitude" Well that time is over for Canadian MMA , Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy and Shut-up and Fight will show the world in the next twelve months that Canada and its fighters are world class and you don't want to fuck with a Evolution fighter!!!!!!!!

Les Dickens
Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy
1 888 5 FIGHTS
Canada's elite training center for MMA

...a cheque ? What's a cheque ? I've never seen one of those LOL !

This academy is the right thing, at the right time. Something needed to be done out West to improve on the sport in a big way, this is definitely something that will GREATLY improve on MMA in Canada as a whole.

I'm dying to get out there and see this place for myself, it sounds simply incredible. Everyone will benifit from this venture, especially the fighters as Joe mentioned.

Great job gentlemen !


Wow! To the mother%$#@in' Top! I want my MMA in Canada!


ttt! I'm there man!

If anyone from any other cities feel like opening up a similar facility, I'm sure no one would complain. :)

Sounds good, hopefully I will be able to see it in September!

is it open and running yet?

Alex, you CAN'T miss this bro ! It wouldn't be the same without you. Showdown and I were talking about it today at Rebellion.

Can't wait til September !


JT... we'll see what happens. I think I have enough Air Miles to go out there. :)

Hopefully I can get a few of my boys on the card, so it'll be that final push I need.

Sounds good bro ! Hopefully it'll all work out in your favor !