Evolution News?

Any news about Evolution Gym and the Shut Up and Fight event?


Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy of Vernon British Columbia is on schedule to open it's doors around the 7th or 11th of May our grand opening will be the end of May when Chris "the Westside Strangler" Brennan comes to town to start of the seminar series we will be running in our first year. Evolution has added two hottubs and a sauna to our facility, boasting a brand new ringside boxing ring , octagon fenced mat area , full free weight and cardio area, 102" big screen for those pay per view events. We have several tv's spread through out the academy as well as one in each change room for those lazy times you just want sit in the tub and watch some fight tapes.The Academy can house fighters fulltime and has a full retail area for "showdown Fight gear" as well as Shut-up and Fight, Bad Ass Clothing. Shut-up and Fight will be announcing it's fight schedule for the next year in the next week or so with our fights planned for every eight weeks and boxing cards on the months in between, the facility will be a focal point in Canadian MMA. No where in the world will their be the committment to seminars and "in house" fightcards as well as elite training camps as you will find in the first twelve months of "Evolution"

HUGE news about the academy and Shut-up and Fight will be announced within in the next 48hrs. Evolution Mixed Martial Arts is every fighters dream and every new comers opportunity, for the first time in the history of the sport Canadians will have as many if not more tools to get the job done then our competitors south of the border.



Leslie Dickens
Shut-up and Fight
Evolution Mixed Martial Arts


CONGRATULATIONS! Now we should see some progress. Fighters available m1k42@yahoo.com

TTT for Evolution Mixed Martial Arts, Shut Up and Fight, and Leslie Dickens.....

This is fantastic news for Canadian MMA.

Seriously, I will do whatever I can to help spread the word.

I hope the news comes a little quicker then other news we have been promised.

Your club sounds awesome.

I personally and financially am committing 100 % to Jason Darrah and Canadian Mixed Martial Arts . Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy as well as Shut-up and Fight, both the clothing line and fightcard are the beginning of my 5 year plan for my part in Canadian MMA. Many people see me as just another guy who wants wants to make a quick buck,WRONG I already have money. With what I have and am investing I think I have proven otherwise. I personally have committed myself to making my academy and fightcard the focal point of Canada and the world within the next two years. Any fighter that wants to take things to the next level is welcome with open arms at the academy and i will do everything in my power to help them make their potential become reality. Jason Darrah my friend and the person who introduced me to the sport beyond my interest as a fan in the UFC will become a huge part in many aspects of MMA in the next 24 months.

I am sick and tired of Canada being a one show country with no options but to sign the deal with the devil. Those times are about to end, Canadian fighters will have a venue to fight Americans and get the exposure they need to make it to the next level in Shut-up and Fight. Fighters will have a elite training academy to call home and get the top seminars and equipment they need to excell. What good does that do me if I am from Ontario you say ? Get your ass on a bus and we will work shit out when you get here , I can house 6 fighters fulltime and if i get a full house i will rent more space and we will house more fighters. The time for us as Canadians to stop bitching about being at a disadvantage , stop splitting ourselves east coast and westcoast and step up and do what we have to do to make us a power house.

I will be making a substantial financial committment to Jason Darrah's "Evolution " competition fight team, 24 months and the world will see our academy as a true power house !!!! get involved now

I have said and will say this point blank you can't stop the evolution of Canadian Mixed Martial Arts you cannot stop :


Leslie Dickens
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I am so excited about this I could crap myself!


Time to bring the heat ! This club, as well as the event will be huge. The plans that Les has in mind (...and for the record, has the ability to pull off) are unreal for Canadian MMA. This will be big when it happens.

Great job to Les, Darrah, BigRed01, SDJ and everyone involved in this great venture. I'm glad to be a part of something REAL this time.

Let's make this a great venture for Canadian MMA.


for the record

Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy is owned and operated by Leslie Dickens and his soon to be wife Barb Taylor

Jason Darrah will run his new fighter management company out of his office in the academy and will be the head instructor to the academy and the "Evolution" competition fight team, organizing the seminar schedule and co-managing the facility......Shut-up and Fight is now owned jointly by Les and Jason , the clothing line is owned and ran by Les and barb.

The three of us are the core group for our 5year plan which does involve "Showdown"....Greg Allen is running a management company but not related to the gym, or fightcards in any way, he is based out of the coast.

Best of luck with the gym and the events! Sounds like a true committment is being made.

Sounds great. Please let us know about your first card as soon as possible. I'm excited!!

for the record....

ttt for Evolution

Greg "not related in anyway" Allen

looking forward to big cards in Western Canada.....and your academy sounds pretty amazing as well


Looking forward to the big news. I'm really excited about this, especially the fact that fighters will now have another option.

There is nothing like a promoter that understands the game from the fighters perspective, not only the bank account's perspective. Leslie has been kind enough to share with me his vision and when it finally becomes a reality, the next step of MMA in this country will take place.

Imagine if the UFC was the only game in town? No King of the Cage, no SuperBrawl, no Extreme Challenge etc. The UFC loves these shows as it breeds fighters for their events. In this country, there is only ONE show. Not for long. There will be 2 very soon and about 5-6 by year's end.

Greg "not related in anyway " Allen, better nick name then I had in mind and catchy too!!!



TTT for Evolution Mixed Martial Arts, Shut Up and Fight, and Leslie Dickens.....

This is fantastic news for Canadian MMA.