Evolution of a Sonnen Fan

I became a fan when the first time i've heard of him was the Marquardt fight. I thought he was going to be murdered, i didn't know anything about him. So he beats Marquardt and we get an insight on his personality for the first itme.

We hear some funny things...all the bits about being a republican and not using the guard because it's homosexual. I thought he was the funniest guy in the world, he became one of my favorite people in MMA. "When Anderson Silva walks in a room you can hear a rat piss on cotton". He was saying so many comedy GOLD lines...all of my casual fans became the biggest Sonnen fans.

So he continues being the funniest man ever throughout the Anderson fight..he loses and continues to talk. So then the real-estate scandal comes and that just makes him appear MORE bad-ass. I couldn't become any LARGER of a Sonnen fan at this point..he is absolutely hilarious.

Months go by and the talking continues and the peak of his "FANDOME" is when we hear he is CLOSE to becoming the opposite coach of Michael Bisping. Then that falls through, and then the decline begins.

Sonnen KEEPS talking and it's losing all of its novelty. The guy is going on and on and he's no longer being funny, but i am still a fan.

NOW i watch this 19 minute interview with Helwani that everyone is saying "OMG SONNEN IS THE FUNNIEST EVER HOW DO U NOT LOVE HIM??" This video is an embarassment, as the biggest Sonnen fan ever i am basically no longer a fan. He isn't funny at all in this video. It's like he is trolling but instead of trolling he just sounds retarded, i dont think he even believes in his trolling.

I think Chael should of stopped while he was ahead. I don't see how anyone can be a massive Chael fan anymore...guy has become stale and lame.

He is just painfully uncool these days.

It's hard to tell if Chael is delusional OR retarded. The way he's talking about he WON versus Anderson when he ASKED the fight to end, he voluntarily quit. The way he talks about Anderson ducking him...as if their interests were the only makeup that go into getting a fight signed.

Hard to tell if he's being delusional or retarded? No, he's just pretending that some elite fighters are bums in the same way other fighters sometimes pretend to be lest knowledgeable about things that they don't think are worth their attention. It's just his schtick and he enjoys being a heel/troll/controversial and polarizing figure.

All the way since the Marquardt fight and you're now no longer a fan. That was a long 18 months or so, LOL!


I watched Chael fight when he got triangled by Horn, beaten by Babalu, and seemed to be around a C level Light Heavyweight and then started following his WEC career and after he put a beating on Paulo Filho and beat him in the rematch, I started to find him a bit more interesting.

That being said, after losing to Maia, I still picked him against Miller, Okami, and Marquardt as well and thought he had a great chance against Anderson. Most of my Chael support can be backed up on here since him first redebutting in the UFC prior to the Maia fight.

I completely realize hes just being a shtick.

It's just not cool anymore. It's impossible to find him funny these days. He hasn't slowed down at all...theres no novelty. He isn't cool.