= patheticly piss poor wannabe version of the four Horsemen.

Flair has no business being involved with this group of talentless losers.

"WOOOOO!!!!! I'm the Masked Marauder!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Flair and Batista my friend,Flair and Batista.

its a good stable

not as good as the 4 horsemen, but they still work as an angle.

HHH sucks cock and balls!!!!

Since this thing obviously won't die,it could atleast be better then what it is now.

I would like to see a new faction formed on RAW to feud with Evolution.
(No,I didn't say a hundred new stables,we don't need another DOA/Los Bariquas/etc.)

Being that there is a major lack of big time players in RAW,the only people I can think of to form a faction would be,uh,Lance Storm,umm,Test?
Wait,no not Test.
Ahh forget it.

Benoit,Benjamin,Storm,Jericho.I think that would make a great
Stable.Maybe the new 4Horsemen since Flair is wasting his time in
Evolution.Benoit is a Horsemen Veteran he can take over where
Flair left off.

Not tooooo bad, but probably not good enough.