Evolve Academy BB

Great News! Evolve Academy has another Black Belt instructor. Barra Gracie, Pan American champion Rafael Ellwinger will be teaching full-time at our
school. Rafael was a student at the University of Maryland when he met Master Mike (Moses) and started training with him as a purple belt. This was back when Evolve had just started and was only a few students. All we focused on was competition and winning. Rafael competed a lot and won the Grapplers Quest, NAGA, and many other tournaments before he had to return to Brazil to finish his MBA.

Throughout the years, Rafael and Master Mike have kept in communication. For many years, Rafael has said he wanted to come back to America to live, teach and train, but obligations in Brazil kept him from doing that. We're really excited because having another Black Belt on the mat every night is only going to make the team that much stronger.

Great news Mitch!

that's AWESOME Mitch


thanks for dropping by Morgantown and training.  sorry i missed the pad workout.  let us know next time you'll be in town.  and tell your brother to visit us when his schedule changes



Don -

It was good rolling with you guys (sorry u missed the pad rounds too). I've been in contact with Phil and we'll work out some dates/times.

Tell Kizma I said whassup and try not to injure her sparring partners (getting ready for her MMA debut) during training sessions. ;)




i'll see BIG phil and Kizma this weekend for the UFC.  i'll ask Kiz not to hurt anyone.