Evolved Fighting 4/25 Philadelphia - RESULTS!


First, let me state how fucking bitter I am at this fucking website!!!!  Earlier today, I had spent over an hour typing out a review of this event and its fights.  When I hit the POST button, my entire thread disappeared into fucking LALA land....  I guess this shit times out if you don't post your thread within some mysterious timeframe.  I'm fucking bitter b/c that was a lot of time and effort that is totally lost now.....

But, let's talk of more important things....

On Friday night, April 15th in Philadelphia, PA, Angel Cartegena held his latest edition of "Evolved Fighting", an amateur fight night that is one of the premier events on the East Coast's fight circuit.  Anyone who has ever participated in or attended one of Angel's events can attest to what a good operation this is, how smoothly everything runs, how competitive the fights are, and how well he treats everyone.  This last Friday night was no exception, featuring 13 action-packed Muay Thai bouts....

This was a special treat for me, as Angel has included me as an official on his last few cards.  I have the distinct pleasure of watching many up and coming amateur fighters develop right before my eyes.  Many of the same fighters return for each of Angel's events, and its really fascinating to watch their growth as fighters, and see how they deal with adversity and more challenging opponents.  This last weekends fight card included such top-notch fight teams as Boston Muay Thai, KPOZ MMA, Nak Muay Thai Academy, Diamond MMA, and Sitan Gym!

Enough with the intros, let's talk about the FIGHTS!!!!

FIGHT #1:  Uhmet Zeek (Body Arts Gym) vs. Mike Dougherty (Diamond MMA)

From the opening bell, it was readily apparent that Uhmet enjoyed a distinct power advantage over his opponent.  While Mike fought well and displayed some impressive boxing skill, he kept in the game until shortly after he knocked his opponent off of his feet with a Push Kick.  Uhmet took control of the fight after that with a dominating clinch to end round 1, and continued to use his power to his advantage for the remainder of the fight, capping things off with an 8-count in round 3 from a knee strike.

Winner:  Uhmet Zeek (Unanimous Decision)

FIGHT #2:  Alonzo Robinson (KPOZ MMA) vs. Terrell Johnson (Nak Muay Thai)

Terrell Johnson quickly set the tone of this match with some impressive clinchwork, dumping Alonzo to the canvas with seeming ease frequently during the 1st half of round 1.  Alonzo adjusted by backing off and landing a solid combination that appeared to give him an advantage, but this was very short lived as Terrell answered back with the 1st of his 3 first round knockdowns.  After such a dominating 1st round, it was impressive to see Alonzo meet the bell for round 2, but the referee quickly stopped the fight when it was apparent that we were about to be treated to more of the same.

Winner:  Terrell Johnson (TKO-2)

FIGHT #3:  Robin Chen (Body Arts Gym) vs. Phil Richards (???)

This fight started with fireworks!  While Robin's Muay Thai technique was better, Phil made up for it with his tenacity.  The first round was a back and forth affair, but Robin's clinch knees to Phil's torso seemed to give him the edge.  Those clinch knees advantage became apparent in round 2 when a well placed Push Kick to Phil's already battered body forced him to take a knee, and he was unable to meet the 8-count.

Winner:  Robin Chen (TKO-2)

FIGHT #4:  Jay Black (independant) vs. Jormass Anassan (independant)

I won't mince words.  If you cannot be bothered with proper training, don't bother us with your fight application.  While we can all admire someone who has the guts to put themselves on the line for a ring fight, we have every right to ridicule someone who does so stupidly.  This fight was, quite simply, a SHOW!  The officials had their hands full trying not to laugh at the display before us!  (In all honesty, many of us did lose our composure).  I have seen Jormass fight as an independant before, and in his defense he seems to be improving with each event, learning what lessons he can.  But his opponent Jay Black appeared to have watched one too many episodes of TUF, and after discovering that getting kicked and punched actually hurts, quit in round 2.

Winner:  Jormass Anassan (TKO-2)

FIGHT #5:  Todd Schuck (Body Arts Gym) vs. Matt Amico (Boston Muay Thai)

This was a fight about making mistakes.  Mistakes in your training, and mistakes in your strategy.  The first round was very well fought by both, and could have gone either way up until Todd scored a knockdown towards the end of the round.  Throughout the fight, Matt was simply unable to cope with Todd's punches, seemingly getting hit at will.  This is what prompted my comment regarding mistakes in one's training.  There is a big difference between holding your hands up in guard position, and actually defending yourself.  Despite all the punches he took, Matt's hands never once dropped, but Todd's punches seemed to find their way between his guard with impunity.  Things were not looking good leading into round 3, but then Matt seemed to have found a solution, when at the beginning of the round, he successfully clinched and began kneeing Todd, who did not seem to have a solution to this.  Unfortunately for Matt, after controlling the first part of the final round with his clinch and mounting a possible comeback, he abandoned this tactic to return to punching and kicking, prompting my comment about making mistakes with your strategy.  This switching of gears found him at the recieving end of Todd's fists again, which led to the referee calling for an early stoppage.

Winner:  Todd Schuck (TKO-3)

FIGHT #6:  Beau Sullivan (Nak Muay Thai) vs. Chris Walsh (Boston Muay Thai)

This fight was all about pacing.  Chris attempted a measured and methodical approach to his game plan, while Beau came to bring the fight to his opponent.  While at no point in the match did Chris appear to be in danger or getting hurt, his opponent simply outworked him all 3 rounds.

Winner:  Beau Sullivan (Unanimous Decision)

FIGHT #7:  Angelo Xenakis (Body Arts Gym) vs. Joe Rainer (Fight Club NJ)

This fight started promising to be an exciting match, with both fighters clinching and kneeing for most of the round.  Neither fighter could maintain that pace, however, and they gradually moved apart to punch and knee with one another.  While the fighting was close, Angelo managed to land the most effective strikes throughout the 3 rounds of fighting, sealing the fight with some well timed Push Kicks at the end of the 3rd round.

Winner:  Angelo Xenakis (Majority Decision)



FIGHT #8:  Lucas Glass (Body Arts Gym) vs. Gary Gross (Diamond MMA)

No fight night is complete without a controversal/unpopular decision, and this evening was no exception.  The first round was an exciting, well-fought round that could have gone either way.  Gary seemed to do just enough, however, to take the round.  Unfortunately, Lucas seemed content to do absolutely nothing in round 2, letting Gary take an easy round.  Round 3, Lucas of round 1 returned to fight, and took the round with an effective clinch knee attack, but it was a matter of too little, too late....

Winner:  Gary Gross (Majority Decision)

FIGHT #9:  Joe McElvoy (KPOZ MMA) vs. Arthur de Silvento (Sitan NY)

This fight wins the reward for the most intense fight of the evening!!!  Joe dropped his opponent with a thundering overhand left in the beginning of round 1, but Arthur kept his composure and returned the favor in round 2 with a barrage of clinch knees that led to an early stoppage.

Winner:  Arthur de Silvento (TKO-2)

FIGHT #10:  Craig Woodmansee (Body Arts Gym) vs. Julio Pena (Boston Muay Thai)

As we often see, the fighter with the height/reach advantage is a difficult person to beat.  Unfortunately for Julio, his opponent had such an advantage.  While Julio fought admirably, he was knocked down for an 8-count in round 2 when both fighters exchanged simultaneous punches, with Julio receiving the worst end.  While he continued to fight with heart, he was simply unable to overcome Craig's reach to turn the fight around.

Winner:  Craig Woodmansee (Unanimous Decision)

FIGHT #11:  Ty Sbano (Body Arts Gym) vs. Derek Kenney (Nak Muay Thai)

This fight was of particular interest to me as Ty and I have trained together.  This fight is also of interest because Ty is facing a significant height/reach disadvantage as Julio did the fight previous.  Ty started the fight with a bang, though, and dropped his opponent twice in the first round with solid punches.  His advantage was short-lived, however, as his opponent seemed to settle down in round 2 and figure out his range.  Round 3 was all Derek, as he put on an impressive display of technical Muay Thai, but unfortunately it was not enough to overcome his early deficit.

Winner:  Ty Sbano (Unanimous Decision)

FIGHT #12:  Alex Rodriguez (Sitan Philadelphia) vs. Jake Mainini (Boston Muay Thai)

This was another match where one fighter enjoyed the height and reach advantage.  This time it was Alex with that in his favor.  Unfortunately it did not pay off as Jake found his range and pressed the action throughout the fight.  While the first round was very competitive, the constant pressure and a hard landing from a sweep took some of the fight out of Alex, as he was obviously in pain.  At the end of the 2nd round, Alex was walking with a noticable limp, but Jake failed to take advantage of it in round 3.  Fortunately, he closed the fight as he started.

Winner:  Jake Mainini (Unanimous Decision)

FIGHT #13:  Adam McCann (Body Arts Gym) vs. Jay Matias (Sitan NY)

All great fight events save their very best for last, and Angel's "Evolved Fighting" was no exception.  What a great fight this was!  Jay had some of the hardest, fastest, and cleanest Muay Thai technique I've seen in some time, but Adam was not remotely intimidated, and brought the fight to his opponent.  Adam's constant pressure led to him being in command of the fight going into round 2, but that was when Jay turned things up a notch, and managed to eke out the round.  It was anyones fight leading into the third, and up through the midway point, it looked as if Adam was going to pull away, but as if on some unseen signal, Jay suddenly turned things up a few more notches and brought a barrage that Adam simply could not overcome.

Winner:  Jay Matias (Unaninimous Decision)

I have to hand out some serious compliments to Angel for such as amazing event.  I can't express enough how much I enjoy being included in his event.  Unfortunately this time around I was unable to participate in very much of the after-fight party, as not only was I still feeling the effects of "Montezuma's Revenge" acquired during my Guatemala & El Salvador vacation the week prior, but some family decided to show up unexpectedly and I was forced to return home early the next morning to entertain.

Everyone mark your calendars, as Angel's next "Evolved Fighting" event is scheduled for Friday night, June 13th.  Be sure to visit:  EVOLVEDFIGHTING.COM  for updates!