Ex. Challenge 59 official results

Mike Whitehead def. Demian Decorah, 3:25 Rd. 1, ref stoppage due to strikes.

Steve Friedrichs def. Kyle Olson, :53 Rd. 1, tap from strikes.

Sean Wilson def. Brandon Carlson, 1:28 Rd. 1, rear choke.

Scott Valeen def. Ryan Antle, 3:00 Rd. 3, 9:00, by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)

Eric Knies def. Cliff Sanders, :45 Rd. 1, ref stoppage due to strikes.

Keith Wisniewski def. Kyle Jensen, 2:19 Rd. 1, rear choke.

Roger Huerta def. Matt Brady, 3:12 Rd. 1, ref stoppage due to strikes.

Joey Clark def. Wayne Bogard, 2:08 Rd. 1, keylock.

Travis Wiuff def. Josh Hendricks, 4:22 Rd. 1, tap from strikes.

Dave Menne def. Eddie Sanchez, :53 Rd. 1, rear choke.

must of been a great show as always!

as always Promoter.. great night of fights!

Congrats Wilson!!

Awesome show!

Thnx Monte!

Wiuff should be in the UFC

Gotta give credit to Hendricks,that was the first time i have seen Travis taken down and had to use his guard for a minute until he just stood up and slamed Hendricks to the mat.

Travis is da real deal mang.

Menne looked very sharp has well,fighting aggresively taking Sanchez down and working the choke in under a minute.

Clark and Huerta contine to look unstopable,cant wait to see them fight again.

Wisniewski look very good,i have never seen Jensen get dominated like that.

Maybe a match between Wisniewski and Clark should be in the making,i think they both weight around 170-180lbs.

Great fights Monte - when is the next one?

I had a great time at the show, hopefully Duneland guys will get a chance to fight in the area more often. Great venue and crowd; the fights themselves were very exciting top to bottom. I must say, post fight festivities are better in the midwest than anywhere else I've competed.

Keith Wisniewski

I agree but Minnasota is fucking awsome. I have been to two of Monte's events there and both times had an amazing time.

Congrats Keith!!

Wisniewski was absolutely dominant. He needs to be on the big show very very soon!

Wiuff was as impressive as ever.... even on his back he proved his skills! This guy is amazing... I agree with SolitaryZen--UFC

I thought Diesel was going to have pull out one of his big slams on the guy following him around like a puppy dog. Pretty sure that was Big Gay Grappler! He is obivously obsessed with the fine physique of Wiuff.

Sooner or later the UFC or hopefully Pride is gonna HAVE to take notice of Travis,the guy fights almost has much has Horn and has really come along way since his fight with Vladdy.

To be Honest when i saw Travis on his back in the guard i didnt think he would do half has good has he did,but he defended very well from there and reversed shortly after he was put there.

Next show i wanna see little pipes and BGG go at it for the right to go home with the Diesel!!

Monte make it happen!!

I'm there!

TTT for post fight festivities

TTT for Travis in the UFC/Pride.

He is a great wrestler, has great conditioning, good stand-up skills, and his Jiu-Jitsu skills are truly developing. Most important of all, he is humble and open minded about training and learning new skills.

He definitely deserves a shot at the bigger promotions.

  • Mario