Ex Iceman Wife Accuses Him Of ‘Increasing Violence’ Due To CTE

SHes just OK looking. Hope chucks ok and not hitting women.

I personally preferred willa ford.


Erik, I take it that’s your missus with Chuck.
That’s awesome!


These claims are ridiculous and false and totally untrue. He beats people up for street drugs. Think about that. He has money tons of friends and is famous. Yet she’s claiming he has beaten people up for drugs on numerous occasions and no one anywhere ever has said anything about it to anyone. In california. Lawyers are like half the states population. You don’t think he would be sued. Illegal or not. Beating up anyone here when you have anything of value is a no win situation.

Chuck’s the nicest guy in mma I have ever met. He went to my family events took pictures with everyone and was cool as hell to my mom. As apple said they guy will literally stay and clean up after. I have seen him sleep on the floor dozens of times so friends and others can sleep in the bed. You want to get into a fight with Chuck try to stop him from helping you clean or not letting him give up the bed or take pictures with fans. Then you might have a fight on your hands.


if they were childhood sweethearts it’s be a different thing.
She’s a star fucker and a grifter.
She can fuck right off.


She should be honored to take a couple cracks from a UFC champion. What’s next we “me too” Inoki for pimp slapping the entire Japan.

Did you see the RAW the day that Chris Benoit and his family were found dead and they didn’t yet know that Benoit had done it? The whole show was everyone breaking kayfabe and talking about what a great person he was.

Brain injuries are horrible and unpredictable. People can do things they would never consider if they were healthy.

We obviously don’t know the condition of Chuck’s brain, but if he does have CTE, his past behavior is not a reliable predictor of the future.

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What is your basis for such a claim?

Yeah and seems to always come out during child support/visitations / alimony negotiations…strange you never hear this before that. Didn’t she even end up going to jail in the last time tmz posted some bullshit about them, a few yrs ago I think.

Former light heavyweight champion and UFC hall-of-famer Chuck Liddell split from his wife Heidi last fall and is currently fighting for custody of their children. Part of the divorce proceedings include separate court evaluations along with testimony from both parents.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Ms. Liddell accused the 52 year-old “Iceman” of having chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which has resulted in fits of paranoia, violence, and substance abuse.
“He’s been knocked out many times and has CTE,” she said. “He can’t remember stuff and gets stuck on speech. He’s going to have dementia or Alzheimer’s. He has terrible sleep apnea.”

Liddell lost five of his last six fights under the UFC banner with four of them ending by way of knockout. California State Athletic Commission irresponsibly approved his cagefighting return in late 2018, which resulted in yet another knockout loss.

Unfortunately for many fighters in MMA, life after combat sports can be fairly gruesome (unless you don’t believe in CTE). Other combatants from the Liddell era (like this former opponent) have also struggled to live normal lives in spite of their lingering health issues.
“Exposure to repetitive head trauma puts a person at risk for the development of cognitive changes that may occur years after an athlete has retired,” said Dr. Aaron Ritter, co-primary investigator of the Professional Athletes Brain Health Study. “The science coming out of the Professional Athletes Brain Health Study is clearly showing us that not all individuals experience cognitive changes and each individual may be affected in different ways.”

A judge is expected to rule on Liddell’s custody case in November.

Chuck has permanently slurred speech. There’s no question his brain health has suffered from MMA.

I highly doubt only the left hemisphere of his brain (speech/language region) was damaged, and it’s highly likely more than that was damaged as well. Even if you don’t believe in CTE, which unless you’re a scientist with evidence you aren’t even qualified to have such an opinion, there’s no question he isn’t the same person as he was before he took all of that damage to the brain.

I really hate seeing this and wish Chuck and his loved ones all the best.

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Yes it is


I read no further. That shit is usually made up or at least exaggerated for the courts.

Could be some truth, but I’m sure it’s not as described in court docs.

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“I already have [chronic] traumatic encephalopathy, actually. People barely talk about it,”

I don’t have speaking issues yet, but I lost the eye sight of my left eye, I have osteoarthritis on my entire body. My knee. I have 13 surgeries through my entire body. So, there’s a price (to pay). It’s not in there for free. I don’t even think it’s about glory, because it’s not for enough time.”

I had forgotten or never knew about Babalu’s issues but after reading a linked article, here is a quote that stood out:

“The guys that start fighting have to know that the price to pay will come one day. For everyone. People only talk about the good things today, what they have accomplished, what happened, but what about what you’ve lost? What happened to you?”


babalu gave up his life for the sport for sure. so many wars. IFL tournament was a brutal night.

Plot twist. He’s staying to help because it’s his baby coming

Both of you are correct.


Yeah a custody battle is probably the last place you’d find the truth.