Ex Pfizer chief scientist says vax receipients will be dead in 3 years

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And I haven’t even seen 1 in 4,500 - 5,000 numbers… that would be 0.02%

I am fine with a 1 in 1000 number… 0.1% … and I think even the summary of that study would lead me to conclude I am probably closer with my swag at 0.05% as being truly problematic.

It all comes down to what people consider to be ‘confusing’ … apparently in that study they even classified as intersex babies that had large clitorises (with completely normal internal female organs)… btw, I am not talking about what is ‘confusing’ to look at… a baby with a large clitoris (that may give the doctor initial pause) but completely normal internal organs would not be difficult to classify in my book… now, sandman would certainly request a non- m/f sex identification and legislation requiring a new gender formation… following up with lots of therapy…

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Yes, we would need special categories for over oversized clitoris’s and undersized penis’s.

Well, prior to the disassociation of biological sex (m/f) and gender (m/w) (both definitionally and conceptually) the two genders were: (i) masculine and (ii) feminine… and if we kept that, I would be fine with all things… you can have a masculine female or a feminine male… this definition also would even make more sense of sandman’s social construction point… sure, we socially construct what we understand to be masculine and feminine, but biology is what it is.

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I hope it’s true…who else is with me?

You mean like “Climate Change”?

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If death is anything like Propofol, I would say you are most likely correct. It’s like no time had passed both while I was under and after I woke up. It was much different than being “put under” by whatever Benzo they give you for other surgeries. With that you still dream and still are aware of your existence. Propofol is on a whole other level. Just blackness and nothingness. The moment you go under is the same as the moment just before you wake up.

Propofol has indeed changed ICU practice tremendously.

It even gives funky green piss.

What was that great Robin Williams joke?

Michael Jackson taking propofol to go to bed was like taking chemotherapy to shave your head.