Ex Transgender Woman interview-Jake

Pretty riveting and intense interview. Jake seems like a really good guy. Terrible what he had to go through as a child. Poor guy. Anyway, worth a watch:

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That soft white under belly channel has some fucked up interviews, saw one on some Appalachian mountain family of ingress, only one could speak while the other family members were all retarded or some shit, the way they lived was pretty disgusting too

Say what you will, but that’s a tough dude. Cannot fathom that kind of cruelty.

His Dad was nothing more than a demon, and mother fuckers like that will get what’s coming.

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Sexually abused (sexually ‘tortured’ he described it as) from infancy by his father. Path to drugs, street life, gender dysphoria, but now seems to be handling things like a champion - with the odd relapse.

Not to mention his psychopath father would play audio back to Jake when he was protesting as a kid. It was audio of Jake being raped by his father and friends while he was squealing. Poor guy. I wish nothing but the best for him.

I thought the part about him taking psilocybin more recently, and physically sobbing at how sorry he felt for his Dad because of how the evil bastard’s soul is now beyond salvation was really interesting.

What a head fuck trauma of a life this poor guy’s had to live.

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