Examples of top five guys subbed from guard

What recent examples can you think of where a top 5 ranked fighter has been submitted from his opponents guard (ie subbed while he had the top position)?

I was having a hard time thinking of any. The only one that came to mind was Silva subbing Lutter with the triangle, but I doubt Lutter was considered top five, despite having a title shot. What examples can you come up with?

You mean closed guard, I'm guessing.

nog guillotined sylvia for the interim title.

^^ I was just about to say, I'm not counting catching someone in a guillotine and then jumping to closed guard. The nog one was pretty transitional, wasn't it? I remember he swept sylvia to get on top, then ended up transitioning to the guillotine. So, for the purposes of this question, I'm not counting that (good call though).

MickColins - You mean closed guard, I'm guessing.

I wasn't thinking it had to be strictly closed guard. It just has to be from the bottom position.

I just thought of one -- Mir and sylvia. But there must have been some since then..... I guess mir/lesnar wouldnt count since lesnar wasnt ranked at that point.

Not very recent but Coutoure was subbed by Enson Inoue in a regular armbar from guard in Japan.

aoki-hansen gogoplata a few years ago


Another one: Gomi to a GoGoplata by Nick Diaz. This was in a tranistion from guard position.

Beat me to it as I was Typing


JimmersonzGlove -  Aoki/Alvarez?

Alvarez wasn't top five though.

kipling200 - aoki-hansen gogoplata a few years ago

Was hansen top 5?

mrmetoo - Diaz Gomi

Good call....any more recent than that?

misterw - 
JimmersonzGlove -  Aoki/Alvarez?

Alvarez wasn't top five though.
Yeah he was. Who were the 5 ranked above him?


 Minotauro vs. crocop


 Chase Beebee vs Miguel Torres

Mad Xyientist -  Minotauro vs. crocop

 Transition from mount, wasn't it?