Just an odd question from a discussion I was having. Given the time frame of the King Aurthur stories, what kind of sword would excalibur have been.


It would have been something like a late Roman spatha.

Martin,That's the Roman cavalry sword, right? Nice looking pigsticker.It has a cut-and-thrust blade similar to later "knightly" broadswords, though with a smaller guard. But isn't the timeframe of Arthur just after the Roman occupation of Britain,during the earliest wave of Germanic "immigration"?Yes--Arthur was supposed to have been a Romanized Briton defending his land against Angles, Saxons, and Jutes. Therefore,Excalibur had to be a langshwert. .;)Haha, nope. The longsword came several centuries later, though it was indeed first noted amongst the Germans. Peace,TFS

excalibur? ex-calibre? Made out of used bullets?

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Some pics of spathum(spathi?,spathis? My Latin is rusty)Spathae :)



Did Arthur really have a famous sword named Excalibar (or whatever) or did the sword enter the story later on like Lancelot, Merlin etc?

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