Excellent evangelism article

This article is a first hand, eye witness account of Shosei Kina.

I read about Shosei Kina in Mark Bishop's book "Teachers, Secrets and Styles of Okinawan Karate".

Shosei Kina's encounter with American Soldiers in his Okinawan village during WWII is recounted in that book.

This link is too an article that gives more detail of that story. It is a very inspiring story.

Shosei Kina continued to be a devout Christian until the day he died. He lived until 99 years old. He was also a Okinawan weapons (Kobudo) master.

Here are the link to the story: www.blessedquietness.com/journal/housechu/remember.htm

Here is a link to a photo of him:


(Scroll down to Shosei Kina)

Very interesting.