Excellent Speaker and Author. . .

If you guys ever get the chance, get Dr. Lawrence N. Blum to come speak to your dept.  He's a police psychologist and is a no-nonsense, down to Earth New Yorker, complete with accent and everything.

He gave a 3 hour lecture a few weeks ago on the psychology of high stress events and how officers can best survive them, and why they sometimes don't.  The 3 hours flew by.  Very interesting and he has many stories to help illustrate his point.  He's also funny as hell!

He also has a book on Amazon that I am halfway thru, also very informative and thought provoking for anyone who might have to deal with life or death situations.  It's called Force Under Pressure: How Cops Live and Why They Die.  The guy absolutely loves law enforcement and it's obvious that he's dedicated to taking care of them.

Seriously, if you're on patrol, work in the jail, etc., pick up this book and/or go see him speak.  Seriously.  This is the type of stuff that can save your life and is routinely neglected in most law enforcement training (at least from my experience).

Incidently, he cites the higher survival rate of officers who have an intense workout regime as it conditions you to fight thru pain and discomfort.  There are some GREAT workout resources on the Xyience Strength & Conditioning forum for those of you who have visted this one but not made it over there (there are so many damn forums on this site, I've lost count!!).  One particularly good piece of advice I've gotten from there is the book called Infinite Intensity by Ross Enamait (www.rosstraining.com).  Great book with very intense strength (as opposed to bodybuilding) workouts.  Those workouts dovetail nicely into Blum's theories.

I was at Campo.  Now I'm at Air Ops.


I'll look into bringing him here for inservice-training

Yea, I'm a pilot now.  Can't remember anyone offhand by the name of Richard, but I worked mids my whole time out there and didn't know a lot of the people on days and swings.

This sounds like a book I'll look into. On a side note pfsjkd, that sup that repeatedly put in for CBP Air and was repeatedly rejected, finally got in a couple months ago. He's finally happy I think, though you can't stop someone inherently disgruntled. BORSTAR is coming up in a couple monts and I'm gonna give it a try. Any advice?


We have a pilot trainee in the office who was in the first BORSTAR class and had been with them until he got picked up as a pilot.  He said the best advice to give you is to do a lot of running, swimming, and pushups before you go! 

Mr. Blum is a great author. I haven't heard him speak in person, but one of my partners have. He told me that it was very good.

The next BORSTAR academy is tentaively sheduled for Aug 20. I'm putting in the memo. We'll see what happens. If I get to go and then complete the academy it might facilitate a move to Yuma (of course unpaid.) It'll be a pay cut but living conditions (ie: happiness) might improve. Plus the work might actually be more fun.

Why would it be a pay cut?  Less locality pay?

yea, COLA